Shining a spotlight on local charities

15 December 2017

December 15 is Local Charities Day. This is a chance to shine a spotlight on unsung heroes, celebrate the fantastic work they do, and admire the energy and commitment they give towards improving the lives of others!

There are lots of ways to get involved – find out more on the official blog or follow #LocalCharitiesDay - you can share stories or photos of a local charity you want to champion. There is also an interactive map where you can list a local organisation or find volunteering opportunities.

At Team London, we shout from the rooftops about the amazing work that local charities and community groups do. They can sometimes be in the shadows of larger, national organisations but we know the value of their sector and do what we can to support, helping them to thrive and continue making a difference in their communities. Here are a few of our programmes and events that support the wonderful work they do:

Get skilled with Skill-UP

Skill-UP matches skilled business volunteers with staff from small charities to help them develop their skills. Businesses such as Twitter, Portland Communications, CIPD, Citi, Microsoft, Elixirr or Natixis deliver training in social media, communications, business strategy, HR and more. This helps small charities to become more efficient and therefore have an even greater impact on London’s communities.

Grants available to small charities

In partnership with ThriveLDN and the #iWill Fund, we are offering grants to small charities, community groups and voluntary sector organisations to run projects which encourage young Londoners to volunteer while reducing the stigma of mental health.

The projects can focus on any area of volunteering or social action, such as sports, arts, media or environment, but should also encourage good mental health and wellbeing. They should also involve people vulnerable to mental health issues, such as those in the criminal justice system or young refugees.

Team London Awards

The annual Team London Awards ceremony celebrates the individuals, teams and corporate volunteers who are making outstanding contributions to their communities and helping to make London the best city it can be.

The 2017 Awards ceremony took place on 6 November 2017 at City Hall. All shortlisted nominees and award winners were joined by our celebrity ambassadors and VIP guests in an inspirational event.

Connecting local charities with volunteers

Team London’s volunteering website connects local charities with volunteers, using a simple resource that caters to all – from one-off events to longer-term roles. There are thousands of opportunities to choose from, whether that be a Beaver Scout Leader, Book Keeper, or Befriender.

Some require technical knowledge such as website development or digital trainer, others are simple fundraising roles or cheering at sporting events. Some will be popular, like puppy walking or beekeeping, while some roles will need training and understanding, such as refuge support or street outreach volunteer.

Thank you, small charities!

We're proud to support our local charities and the volunteers that are helping to create a compassionate London that works for everyone. So, on this Local Charities Day, we’d like to say thank you to them all - we know that without their dedication society would be poorer off.

Sign up to our free training for small charities with Skill-UP, or apply for a Team London grant before the deadline of 5 January 2018.

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