Shining a spotlight on our local culture

29 June 2017

When we close our eyes and think about art and culture in London, it’s easy to picture our world class museums, iconic buildings and popular attractions but is this a true depiction of the cultural places and spaces we know and love?

We are so lucky to have world famous institutions that four out of five visitors come here to experience yet, as Londoners, we know that our culture isn’t confined to buildings and events in Zone 1.

London is a city of many centres and each borough has a different personality and perspective to celebrate, be it in local cinemas, dance classes, street art, markets and pubs.

This week we launch the London Borough of Culture award, a competition inspired by the European City of Culture, for London’s brilliant boroughs to redefine their cultural landscape through an ambitious year of amazing events and activities.

We want every Londoner to think about: 

  • What makes where you live special?
  • What amazing things do you want to see there?
  • How can culture transform where you live?

The London Borough of Culture is an opportunity for us all to look at the where we live with fresh eyes and imagine how culture can transform it from an ordinary place to live to an extraordinary place to live.

Get involved, support your borough and share your London culture love at #mylocalculture

Good luck!

Justine Simons OBE,
Deputy Mayor for Culture and the Creative Industries


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