Jim Donald, Jack Morton

The sights and soundtrack of #LondonNYE

13 December 2016

The People behind London New Year's Eve Fireworks

Jim from event producers Jack Morton Worldwide on creating an experience people will remember…

To create a show that is unique to London takes our best talents in lighting, fireworks and music designers. Each year to stay ahead of cities like Dubai, Sydney and New York we raise the bar. That’s both in terms of the backdrop we use for the fireworks and how we curate the show.

Music is both the backbone and rhythm of the final display. It’s what kicks off the creative development process in late August. We use music and sounds to tell a story. The soundtrack often reflects some of the big tunes and key moments of the year. We also mix in moments of reflection, humour and quirkiness. All this together helps us to project the personality and brand of London.

Darryl, our Firework Designer takes his cues from the music track. He then works with us to create the different segments throughout the display. Often he points out that our show formula breaks the unwritten rules of how to orchestrate a pyro musical. Now that’s something we’re proud of. Our formula sets us apart from other shows and makes the London experience even more inimitable.

Above all, we want to put-on a truly spectacular show at midnight, to give everyone who watches an experience to remember.

Tickets have sold out for this year's event but thanks to the BBC, viewers will have the chance to see the internationally-renowned display live, in awe-inspiring 360o online or on BBC One.

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