UK's Largest Careers Speed Networking Event for Young People, October 2015.

A student volunteer at London's biggest events

01 November 2015

I study Marketing at Queen Mary, University of London, and have been volunteering since 2014. Using the Students’ Union as a resource, I have volunteered at four different sports events, which were ‘one-off’ volunteering opportunities.

These experiences really inspired me, allowing me to engage with London and contribute to a good cause. Volunteering not only enables me to explore the city, but also means I can explore myself and have a positive social and cultural impact. Volunteering is also very useful in terms of developing my transferrable skills and gaining experience to get my ideal job after University. I am always searching for new opportunities on the Team London website that I would like to try!

I recently volunteered as a steward at the ‘UK’s Largest Speed Networking Event for Young People’, stewarding attendees and providing ‘hands-on’ events support. This was a completely new experience and it was hugely rewarding to see young people interacting with professionals from a number of exciting careers. I met lots of amazing people who were also volunteering for Team London, and other volunteers from Marylebone Cricket Club's Community Development team. As an international student, this experience inspired me and developed my ability to work in a team, communicate, and organize events.

As I was so thrilled with the experience I had at the speed networking event, I immediately searched Team London’s ‘Speed Volunteering’ website for other events I could get involved in. I was drawn to the Regent Street Motor Show. During the event, I was based at the information booth, promoting the Motor Show, answering visitors’ queries and handing out promotional flyers. This experience also helped hone my communication skills, interacting with a range of different people who needed to gain information quickly.

I am passionate about the benefits of volunteering and have gained lots more confidence as a result of helping at events. In future, I look forward to committing to long-term volunteering opportunities, and trying roles in different organizations to get a better understanding of team planning, meet more people, and just have more fun!

Volunteering is a fantastic way to gain experience and skills while at university to help you find your dream role when you graduate! To find out more about how you can get involved, get in touch with your Students' Union or find roles through Team London.

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