Supporting young people's creativity

06 March 2019

The Mayor is supporting Bollo Brook Youth Centre’s ‘Movement Through Arts’ project through his £45 million Young Londoners Fund. The fund aims to help children and young people to fulfil their potential through a range of education, sport and cultural activities.

Bollo Brook Youth Centre is situated on a South Acton estate. Its ‘Movement Through Arts’ project will work with 450 young people who are from disadvantaged backgrounds, facing exclusion, or unemployed. Over the next three years the project will provide opportunities for them to take part in artistic and musical projects that broaden their horizons and support them into employment and education.

Who We Are, Who We Aren't

The images above are taken from ‘Who We Are, Who We Aren’t’: an exhibition of artwork produced by young people from Bollo Brook Youth Centre funded by The Equality Trust. These striking self-portraits were annotated by the artists to represent their own and other people’s perceptions – sometimes critical, sometimes humorous.

The artwork in the exhibition, held at Seventeen Gallery in East London, was based around young people's attitudes towards and experiences of race and racism. At the heart of the project was 18 hours' worth of recorded discussions with young people. These formed the basis for art pieces that encourage us all to explore how we understand our perceptions of our own and other people's place in the world and how different experiences influence this.

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