Thanks for taking part in the Environment consultation

21 November 2017

The London Environment Strategy consultation closed on 17 November 2017. Thousands of Londoners took the time to share their views in the surveys, hosted on Talk London.

We also posted several discussions to get Londoners talking about recycling where they live, making  London a National Park City, how they felt about single-use cups and plastic bottles and more.

Here are a few of the most recurring comments:

  • people would love more trees and greenery, and are concerned about the unnecessary removal of trees in their local area
  • many members would like to see a deposit return scheme for plastic bottles. They also feel shops should reduce the amount of plastic packaging
  • when it comes to recycling larger items, many Londoners felt it was difficult to get rid of them without a car or paying a fee
  • lots of members shared their concerns about London’s air and suggested ways to clean it, from more pedestrianised areas to limiting aircraft traffic

Thank you

In this video, Shirley Rodrigues, the Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy, would like to thank everyone who took part in the consultation. 

What's next

Suggestions posted online and sent in by Talk London members, businesses, London boroughs and other groups will now be considered as the Environment team prepares the final London Environment Strategy. A consultation report published at the same time will show how your responses were taken into consideration.

You can continue the conversation on Talk London, by starting up a new discussion and sharing your views with thousands of Londoners.

Keep an eye out for our next surveys and your chance to have your say. 

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