Volunteers are superheroes!

29 June 2017

The London Bridge attack on Saturday 3rd June really hit close to home for us at Shakespeare's Globe. But, because live theatre is such a huge escape and immersive experience, especially at the Globe, the decision was made that we would continue with our performances the following day, after observing a minute’s silence for all those who were affected by the tragedy.

As Assistant Volunteer Manager at the Globe, myself and the whole Volunteer Management Team, as well as our Senior Managers and Chief Executive, all came in to ensure the day ran smoothly.

As well as showing solidarity with the rest of London, I had assumed lots of volunteers would need to cancel their shifts and I was fully prepared to roll up my sleeves and spend the day filling gaps or calling for additional help.

An inspiration to us all

However, although I knew that our volunteers were truly inspirational, Sunday filled me with overwhelming pride and convinced me more than ever that volunteers are superheroes!

Despite everything that had happened, our volunteers still came in to give up their time, travelling into central London to put on their Globe aprons and look after our visitors. Only two out of our 80 scheduled volunteers couldn’t make it and that was only because of Sunday trains.

Volunteers' Week

It seemed particularly poignant that it was during Volunteers’ Week, a chance for us to celebrate the huge contribution that they make to the Globe, that our volunteers were still reminding us of just how incredible, committed, generous and supportive they are.

Volunteers’ Week allowed the Globe staff, including our Chief Executive, CFOO and Building Operations Manager, to show support by donning aprons and volunteering themselves, thanking volunteers whilst checking a ticket, selling a cushion or meeting our audiences.

Globe volunteer showing management the ropes

In return, volunteers could learn about the staff roles in the organisation. We also ran a volunteer exchange programme with our neighbours at Tate Modern, helping create a tighter volunteer community along Bankside and allowing volunteers to try something new.

You too can be a superhero!

Last year, volunteers gave the Globe nearly 70,000 hours of their time and their continued selflessness leads me to make a plea - that whatever your day job, no matter how busy you are, please give back by giving time to others and to your community - and you too can be a superhero.

For more information on Shakespeare's Globe, the volunteer programme and its charitable mission, visit the Globe website.

Matt Hatt

Assistant Front of House Volunteer Manager Shakespeare's Globe @The_Globe

Matt Hatt, Assistant Front of House Volunteer Manager for the Globe Theatre


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