We are all leaders

07 August 2017

I remember the day when everything changed for me. Standing in front of City Hall, heart pumping, my mind felt ready to speak but my body wouldn’t move. But then I remembered the four words that had got me there – four words that had inspired me through the Team London Young Leaders initiative at my school: “We are all leaders.”

I first got involved with Team London through my school council. An incredible teacher, Mrs Prinsley, volunteered her time to help run the student council and saw potential in me. She introduced me to the Team London Young Leaders initiative, but I couldn’t possibly think that this would apply to me. What I soon learnt, however, not only changed my entire mindset, but also sparked a surge of motivation and belief in myself as well as in my community.

As a Team London Young Leader I discovered that leadership meant co-operation, unity, and community; leaders were not one of a group, but part of a group. If you are motivated, have ambition and want to create change, then you are a leader. We are all leaders!

In July 2016 I was asked to speak as a Young Leader representative at the Young Leaders celebration event at City Hall. This was the day that everything changed. I stood in front of everyone, nervous but excited, and began to talk about issues that I believed in and the ability to create change. I felt like a leader.

In hindsight, those four words not only got me through the speech but also led me to where I am today. The Team London Young Leader's initiative didn’t just allow me to share my passion for issues such as education, anti-bullying and mental health, but gain skills such as organisation, leadership, and the value of social action. It taught me to believe in myself, in others, and in our world.

Through the Young Leaders initiative, I went from a shy, quiet student to a confident public speaker, helping to make a difference in my community. Later that year I would go on to volunteer in India, and to then give a speech at the Copper Box Arena for the Team London Young Ambassador's Youth Conference. The conference helped to engage new schools by shedding light on the power of social youth action.

My volunteering journey has been one of self-discovery. And it started with the Team London Young Leaders initiative .


Adam, Team London Young Leader, Haringey


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