What we talked about at People's Question Time, Sutton

02 March 2017

Tonight the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, and London Assembly members took questions from a packed crowd at People’s Question Time in Sutton. Here are some of the topics discussed at the event, and some ways the Mayor is tackling these issues now…

Southern service in south west London

Southern Rail continues to offer passengers a poor service. Sadiq wants the Government to temporarily hand control to Transport for London so we can sort out the mess, and then devolve commuter services to TfL. TfL has a proven track record of improving rail services, making them more reliable and freezing fares. Read about Sadiq’s proposals and back his pledge here.

Making transport more affordable for all

All TfL fares have been frozen for four years and a new bus ‘Hopper’ fare has been introduced, meaning two buses for the price of one in an hour. In January this year, there were 81,000 ‘Hops’ in Sutton - making it cheaper and easier for local people to get around.

Crossrail 2 in Sutton

Passengers living in Sutton and South-West London will benefit from Crossrail 2 services at Wimbledon and Clapham Junction, connecting via existing Southern services.  Crossrail 2 will mean trains from these stations every two minutes to Tottenham Court Road, Euston, St Pancras, Victoria and north London.

Air pollution in Sutton and across London

London’s dirty air causes over 9,000 early deaths every year with children in the most polluted worst affected. 9 out of 10 Londoners agree we need to act now. Sadiq has bold plans to clean up the city’s air, from taking the dirtiest diesels of the roads to the Ultra Low Emission Zone.

Get up to speed on the Mayor’s air quality plans

Building the affordable homes that London needs

Housing is at crisis point in London. To help, the Mayor has secured a record £3.15bn funding to start building at least 90,000 new affordable homes. The Mayor is looking to make sure that 50% of all new homes built across London are affordable. Here are 10 ways we’re tackling the housing crisis now.

Safety in Sutton

Keeping Londoners safe is the Mayor’s top priority. Sadiq’s draft police and crime plan wants local police priorities to be set at a local level with an extra officer in every ward. Six Sutton wards now have two Dedicated Ward Officers. Check out the Mayor’s draft policing and crime plan.

Growing London’s economy

Since Brexit, the Mayor’s talked to hundreds of business leaders across London. He will ensure London gets the best possible deal from leaving the EU and London businesses can still access the skills they need to grow. See how the Mayor supports London’s businesses

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