Workspace crèche fundraising now

15 August 2016

V22 Workspace Crèche is one of 20 locally initiated crowdfunding campaigns to receive a pledge from the Mayor of London in Round 3 of our Civic Crowdfunding pilot.

This means that if the campaign can raise all of the rest of the total project budget from 'the crowd', the Mayor will donate £6,000 and it can become a reality. The deadline for this fundraising is 28th August 2016.

The campaign creators explain more...

Tell us about your organisation and its key aims

V22 is an art organisation with a shared ownership structure, which specialises in the provision of artists’ studios and artisans' workshops, the collection of contemporary art, and the production of exhibitions, events and educational initiatives.

What is your project, why is it important and how will it help people in your area?

Childcare in London costs on average 39% more than the rest of the country. Simply put, the cost is so high that it prevents many people from returning to work. We want to support artists, freelancers, writers and creative entrepreneurs who need both a space to work and childcare provision. Feedback from our tenants who are parents has highlighted a real need for flexible desk and studio space with childcare. 

Our project aims to provide a crèche with deskspace and studios attached, allowing parents to work whilst knowing that their children are being cared for on site. We are pleased to be partnering with Officreche, The Co-Work Space Co. and our neighbours: the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden.

What’s your best experience of the Mayor’s crowdfunding pilot been so far?

The support from the audience at the Pitch and Pledge event was overwhelming. Presenting our project in such a way was a fantastic opportunity to see just how needed childcare for self-employed creatives is.

Why, when and how should people pledge to you? 

The set up costs for desk space and a good quality crèche are high. Our organisation passionately believes that it will be addressing a fundamental need in our community but cannot afford to bear the entirety of the set up costs. Any pledges would be gratefully received and invested in setting up the space and getting the project off the ground. 

Pledges can also be offset against the cost of the first two month’s use of the deskspace for any parents wishing to join our community. We will also match whatever a future tenant pledges in free rent up to a value of £400!

We were thrilled to receive £6,000 from the Mayor towards our goal but still need your support. Please visit our Spacehive page to pledge to the project!

The funding will convert a 120 m2 studio on the ground floor of the premises into a crèche space, and the studio next door will house 20 desks. We will create an environment that is both child and work friendly, opening up windows and connections with the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden, child-proofing and dividing the space as necessary. 

Is there anything specific you need in-kind?

The donation of any appropriate furniture and toys in excellent condition would be fantastic! If you are a plumber, electrician, decorator or builder and would like to assist in helping us fit out the space we would be delighted to hear from you.

Do you have any public events or media appearances coming up?

We have an active social media campaign. Please find us on Twitter or Facebook @v22workspace

Are there any other ways people can meet you face-to-face or help you?

We would love to hear from anyone who is interested in the project or would like to offer feedback or suggestions on how we can improve the offer. Please contact us via social media or email [email protected].

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