Young volunteers from Hillingdon show how much they care about animals

15 June 2016

Wood End Park Academy recently took part in a Team London Young Ambassadors youth summit at City Hall. Team London Young Ambassadors is the Mayor’s volunteering programme for primary and secondary schools.

Regular youth summits encourage young people on the programme to work together and learn new skills. These summits take students away from classroom work for a day so they can problem solve as a group and plan local campaigns with each other.

During the summit the young volunteers from Wood End discovered their shared interest in animal welfare. Since returning to their school, the socially active pupils have begun to use their new skills to help local endangered animals.

Bees and hedgehogs are of particular interest to the group and they have decided to use the proceeds from an upcoming fundraiser to buy a ‘bee hotel’ and shelters for hedgehogs for their school garden. This fundraising event will take place over the course of the next academic year as part of a year-long project.

The children and the staff really enjoyed it and came away with lots of ideas. Teacher from Wood End Park Academy.

It was amazing to see the students so passionate and enthused for a cause they all cared about so much. Mel,WE UK.

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