ADD2055 Chair Recruitment for LLDC and OPDC

Type of decision: 
Assistant Director's decision
Date signed: 
13 December 2016
Decision by: 
Juliette Carter, Assistant Director, Human Resources and Organisational Development

Executive summary

This decision sets out the proposal to use an executive search agency to deliver the search and selection for appointments of the Chair of the London Legacy Development Corporation and the Chair of the Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation. The final decision on the appointments will be made by the Mayor. 

It is proposed that Green Park are engaged without competition given the work and the experience they have of undertaking work on behalf of the London Legacy Development Corporation. 


That the Assistant Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development approves:

•    Expenditure of up to £30,000 on the services of Green Park executive search agency required for the identification of persons for potential appointment to the roles of chair of the: London Legacy Development Corporation; and Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation; and  
•    The related exemption from the requirement of the GLA’s Contracts and Funding Code to procure such services via competitive tender or by calling off services from an accessible framework.     

Part 1: Non-confidential facts and advice

Introduction and background

The Chair of the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) stood down with immediate effect in early November 2016. The Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC) has been without a Chair since the Mayoral election. Both boards now urgently need to appoint a Chair to oversee their critical work. 

The OPDC has been subject to a review by the Greater London Authority. The review has now concluded and indicated that the Chair appointment needed to move ahead as a matter of urgency.  The LLDC were in the process of recruiting new board members when the Chair stood down. There is an urgent need to appoint the Chair so that the process can recommence, as the Chair will be responsible for making the other appointments to the board, in conjunction with the Mayor’s Office. In the meantime the current board members have been extended in role. 

The GLA will ensure the recruitment and appointment process is conducted in accordance with the Mayoral appointments protocol which includes involving an ‘independent’ element to provide some measure of assurance the Mayor has acted reasonably in making these appointments. The Executive Director – Resources approved (under cover of DD934) the amount to be paid to persons participating in board selection processes. 

Objectives and expected outcomes

The Mayor wants to appoint experienced Chair(s) who will be able to demonstrate their knowledge of, and experience in, high profile and complex project delivery as well as their ability to forge strong relations with senior individuals across the stakeholder and partner landscapes.  He will expect a diverse shortlist.

To this aim, given the urgency, the need to have an extremely high quality and diverse shortlist, the GLA needs to appoint an executive search agency with appropriate skills and experience in this field.

Given the value of the proposed contract, it is acknowledged that section 4.1 of the GLA’s Contracts and Funding Code (“Code”) requires that such services be procured via competitive tender or by calling off services from an accessible framework. Section 5 of the Code however, provides that exemptions from that requirement maybe approved where a supplier has had previous involvement in specific current project or a where there it involves continuation of existing work which cannot be separated from the new project.

Green Park were procured following a competitive tender exercise and were engaged by both the LLDC and GLA to assist with the work required for appointments to the LLDC and TfL Boards respectively.  

Their previous involvement provides them with a unique insight into the dynamics and experience of working with the GLA Group which an alternative supplier would be unlikely to possess enabling them to provide services in a prompt and efficient manner. 

Based on previous tenders and the HR and OD team knowledge of similar costs, the GLA is satisfied it has secured value for money.

Equality comments

The GLA has a general duty to have due regard to the need to tackle discrimination, promote equality of opportunity and promote good relations.

Board appointments should aim to be more representative of Londoners and the Mayor will expect a diverse shortlist for these roles.  

Green Park have demonstrated how they will meet the GLA's equality duty and how they will ensure the candidates reflect London's diversity.

Other considerations

a.    Mayoral strategies and priorities

The Mayor has made clear that the appointments of the Chair(s) of the LLDC and OPDC boards are critical to delivery of his priorities and those of the individual organisations. 

b.    Risks and issues

Not proceeding with this would mean the GLA would have to direct source a high volume of candidates.  This needs to be a robust executive level candidate search for high profile Board appointments.  The GLA does not have the resources to manage this high level recruitment campaign within the timescales required and to achieve the level of diversity in the shortlisted.   

c.    Impact assessments and consultations

Consultation will take place with all relevant stakeholders as part of the process. 

Financial comments

5.1    The expenditure of up to £30,000 will be funded by the Corporate Contingency budget. A budget adjustment will take place to move the budget to the GLA Recruitment and Advertising Budget.

Planned delivery approach and next steps

Search agency briefed – scoping meeting

December 2016

Recruitment opens

w/c 12/12/2016

Recruitment closes


Final recommendation list submitted to GLA


First stage Interviews - conducted by GLA


Final selection made – verbal offer extended to successful candidates

End of February 2017

Mayoral appointment letters issued











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