ADD2066 Removal of Wembley Portacabins

Type of decision: 
Assistant Director's decision
Date signed: 
16 January 2017
Decision by: 
Simon Powell, Assistant Director of Strategic Projects and Property

Executive summary

The GLA has a final contractual obligation on one of the sites formerly owned by the LDA at Wembley to remove portacabins historically used by Chiltern Railways as a temporary facility.  This is contained in the Chiltern Lease agreement dated 24/03/15 which will terminate upon construction of a permanent facility.



That the Assistant Director of Strategic Projects and Property approves a budget of £15K to remove and dispose of the portacabins at Wembley.


Part 1: Non-confidential facts and advice

Introduction and background

1.1    The GLA entered into a development agreement with Quintain to develop out a site at Wembley in 2004.  Following a number of lengthy land acquisitions the GLA and GLAP transferred all of its interests to Quintain, London Borough of Brent and Network Rail in order to rationalise land holdings and allow development to take place.

1.2    As part of our obligations under the Chiltern Lease the GLA remained liable for the removal of portacabins used as a temporary ticketing office by Chiltern Railways on the development site transferred to Quintain upon termination.  They will need to remove these both in order to develop that site, and because they are constructing a permanent one.  The wording is as follows:

“When this lease comes to an end (howsoever determined) the Landlord (here meaning GLA (and any statutory successor body) only as a personal obligation which shall not transfer to Wembley Park Limited or to its successors in title to the Premises), agrees to remove the portacabins from the Premises and make good all resulting damage to the Premises.”

1.3    Quintain will be seeking three quotes for GLA approval.  They expect the work to cost between £10-15K.  £15K is being sought as these as very rough figures at present and to avoid seeking further approvals.  We will consider options for reusing them in order to mitigate costs as a priority.

1.4    There is £10K in the budget for this.

Objectives and expected outcomes

Cabins are to be removed.


Equality comments

This decision does not have any equality impacts but any procurement will be undertaken in line with GLA equality policy.


Other considerations

This decision is purely financial in nature and should not have any further considerations.


Financial comments

5.1    This decision requests approval to spend £15k to remove portacabins historically used by Chiltern Railways as a temporary facility.

5.2    The full cost allocation will be split between two budgets within H&L as follows:

5.2.1    £10k available from Wembley Budget

5.2.2    £5k available to be utilised from Haringey Heartlands Budget

5.3    Any changes to this proposal, including the requirement for additional funds, will be subject to further approval via the Authority’s decision making process.

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