ADD2123 London Curriculum Family Resources

Type of decision: 
Assistant Director's decision
Date signed: 
22 June 2017
Decision by: 
Amanda Coyle, Assistant Director, Health and Communities

Executive summary

On 1st June 2016 the Greater London Authority was awarded a grant from BE OPEN supported by the Mayor’s Fund for London. The grant was for £158,000 for delivery of the London Curriculum Primary Programme. One of the agreed milestones in the grant award was development, design, delivery and printing of family resources. This request is for approval to draw on expenditure of up to £20,000 to meet that milestone.


That the Assistant Director of Communities and Intelligence approves: 

I.    Commissioning Discovery Games Limited to design and deliver London Curriculum Family Resources; 

II.    Expenditure of up to £20,000 for this work; and 

III.    A related exemption under the GLA’s Contracts & Funding Code from the requirement to procure services competitively. 

Part 1: Non-confidential facts and advice

Introduction and background

The Education & Youth team require an external supplier to deliver a short term piece of work to produce family resources, working to a specific, time-critical deadline of the end of this school term and the start of the summer holidays 2017.

The London Curriculum Primary Programme is supported by Mayor’s Fund for London and funded by BE OPEN, a cultural and social initiative founded by Russian businesswoman, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Yelena Baturina in 2012. BE OPEN works to provide a bridge between young creatives and the professional world. It also encourages collaboration between disciplines to allow ideas to come together; between creativity and commerce; tradition and innovation and between ideas and their fruition. 

As part of the London Curriculum Primary Programme, we are committed to producing family resources in July 2017. This work will support other Education & Youth programme activity, such as Early Years and STEM, as well as wider GLA activity and campaigns, such as the Love London Zip Oyster Card.

A single source exemption is being sought from the GLA’s Contracts and Funding Code to commission Discovery Games Limited to develop family-friendly walking trails in four central London locations (see Appendix). The rationale for this is the provider’s specific technical and artistic expertise. This is a bespoke project that requires experience and skill  to develop educational family resources that support the national curriculum. The provider has previously supported  other GLA activity, including  the successful delivery of trails around Trafalgar Square for the Events for London team for the Feast of St George and St Patrick’s Day 2017. The provider’s products are high quality and represent value for money from desk-based research and are widely used by individuals and groups in the UK and abroad. Their clients include overseas and UK travel agencies, schools, large and small businesses, charities, individuals, and families.
MD1499 approved the extension of the London Curriculum programme to the primary phase and delegated authority to the Director of Communities and Intelligence to approve receipt and expenditure of the external income. DD2025 approved the receipt and expenditure of funding via Mayor’s Fund for London from BE OPEN for the delivery of the London Curriculum Primary Programme, which includes family resources. External management of the development of these resources was secured through a DAR in May 2017. 

Objectives and expected outcomes

The London Curriculum family resources will be designed to encourage London families to explore London via a suite of family friendly maps/trails. It will bridge the gap between key stage 2 and 3 and will support learning through the London Curriculum outside the classroom and in holidays, whilst ensuring greater engagement with families and carers. 

It is intended that the trails: 
•    Will cover different areas and distances/lengths.
•    Include London Curriculum-related ‘facts’ and light, family activities. They will highlight London Curriculum partner institutions and their family offers (including links to on-going marketing during the summer holidays and up to the Thames Festival in September 2017) 
•    Support community engagement and social interaction. 
•    Are geographically based in central London locations/‘quarters’ e.g. Creative Quarter (South Kensington); South Bank (BFI, Southbank Centre etc.); Knowledge Quarter (Kings Cross, Euston) and Digital Quarter (Old Street and City of London).
•    Include interesting themes for trails across the locations incorporating the National Curriculum and London Curriculum material. 
•    Have maths included in all.
•    Are aimed at all ages – children from key stage 2+.
•    Capture a ‘free family day’ in central London (e.g. tips for travel and lowering costs etc.) and signposting some venues off the beaten track and other than the big/iconic ones.
•    Support the London Curriculum River Explorer’s Trail and Guide which will be updated with more maths and family content.   
•    Offer a possible media opportunity with BE OPEN, the Deputy Mayor, and VIPs etc. at a location on one of the trails in central London with some families who are using the trails. 
•    Link with summer holiday/weekend activity in a venue in each of the four locations over four weeks (possibly repeated) and with printed copies of all the trails and all London Curriculum cultural, heritage and scientific venues cited in trails available for families on-site.  
•    Can be developed further in the future with a focus on Early Years and including content and ideas for local boroughs – local park, high street, back garden etc. (e.g. East London). 

The pack will be produced for downloadable and digital formats. In addition there will be a print run (Z card style) to target disadvantaged families, including those who don’t have access to online resources or are unable to print off the trails. 

Opportunities it offers
By drawing on existing London Curriculum resources and partners, we will build sustained relationships and marketing opportunities for the London Curriculum programme by the development of new resources and links. It is a sustainable model: 
-    The strong relationships with London Curriculum ‘Champions’ – cultural, heritage and scientific venues and institutions in London  can be utilised. 
-    Activity could be targeted to specific groups, for example foster carers.
-    Existing trails can be updated/refreshed in the future 
-    New trails can be developed (e.g. East London).

It will also create opportunities to link with other GLA activity in the future such as: 
-    Love London Zip Oyster Card 
-    Fourth Plinth Schools Award 
-    Year of the Engineer 2018 
-    Centenary of Women’s Suffrage 2018  
-    Transport for London – travel in/around London for families 

Future phases of the programme can be refreshed and updated to embed within Education & Youth programmes, such as the work on Early Years and STEM. 


Equality comments

The London Curriculum materials are aimed at all London primary schools for use with key stage 2 and 3 pupils. The family resources will be designed to extend the London Curriculum schools materials to family focused materials. 

The family resources will be digital and universally available for all London families and visitors. The digital content will be on and to the GLA accessibility standards. In addition the family resources will be printed for distribution to targeted groups, such as children in care/foster carers and we will utilise all our routes to ensure they reach those in the most disadvantaged areas. 

The resources will draw on London's extraordinary heritage, people and places and will foster recognition of different communities’ contributions to London encouraging good relations, tackling prejudice and promoting understanding between people from different groups. This will support the GLA’s delivery of the Public Sector Equality Duty as set out in the Equality Act 2010. The family resources will focus on free family activities in central London to encourage all London families to make the most of London’s cultural heritage, particularly the most disadvantaged

Other considerations

The Mayor’s vision is that every child in London should have the best possible chance for happiness and success, making the most of the city’s great opportunities. To give all young Londoners the best start in life educational standards need to be raised, inequality addressed and young people’s ambitions and resilience must be nurtured. 

The London Curriculum family resources support that vision and also draw families together in engaging in the school curriculum and raising standards.

Financial comments

5.1    The estimated cost of £20,000 will be funded from external grant received of £158,000 from BE OPEN via the Mayor’s Fund, as approved by DD2025.

Planned delivery approach and next steps


Timeline w/c

ADD sign off

19 June   

Commission supplier

19 June  

Drafts received; Test with families, primary schools and Lynk Up Crew

26 June

Content revisions and approvals

3 July

Sign-off and print

10 July

Resources to be available online and print run complete

17 July

Marketing campaign launch (soft); Dissemination of printed resources

17 July

School summer holidays start

Friday 28 July

Activities in partner venues

Month of August

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