ADD2234 Support for Community Engagement on Serious Youth Violence

Type of decision: 
Assistant Director's decision
Date signed: 
14 June 2018
Decision by: 
Julia Slay, Assistant Director for Communities and Social Policy

Executive summary

The community engagement team is increasing its resourcing to expand its engagement with London’s communities on the topic of serious youth violence. This resourcing will support immediate engagement activities around the Young Londoners’ Fund, and work with the Mayor, GLA and MOPAC to develop a forward plan that engages a range of communities across London on this topic.

Funding of £50,000 has been identified for this work from the Communities and Intelligence minor programmes budget. The work will be delivered between June and December 2018.


That the Assistant Director of Communities and Social Policy approves:

1. Expenditure on a community engagement consultant and supporting resources up to the value of £30,000.

2. Project expenditure on engagement activities of up to £20,000.

Part 1: Non-confidential facts and advice

Introduction and background

The Greater London Authority (GLA) Community Engagement team is working with voluntary and community organisations to address the root causes of serious youth violence in London. The team will be working with a consultant to coordinate a new programme of work to support community organisations to:

• Access funding available from the Mayor and the GLA (with an emphasis on the Young Londoner’s Fund)
• Build learning networks to share what works
• Bring together consortia to improve the chances of organisations accessing available funding

The immediate priority for this contract will be to work with the GLA Community Engagement Team to organise and deliver a series of workshops for the Young Londoners Fund in June 2018.

The workshops will focus on:

• Raising awareness of the Young Londoners Fund
• Supporting organisations to assess their suitability for the fund
• Providing practical guidance and support for potential applicants
• Signposting organisations that are not eligible to useful resources
• Linking up organisations in a locality and/or thematic way and allowing them to identify common issues and common ways of working
• Identifying key learnings and challenges for organisations that can be fed into the development of the second round of the Young Londoners fund grant process

Objectives and expected outcomes



Delivery date

Six-month work plan

Support the Community Engagement team to develop a six-month plan for engaging community and voluntary organisations addressing serious youth violence in London, including mapping existing / planned events being run by local / regional infrastructure organisations. The plan should also draw on your previous experience to inform the precise content of the workshops and recommendations about the do’s and don’ts of how to approach this work.

First draft mid-June 2018


Final draft end June 2018

Community workshops

Plan and deliver a series of

6-10 workshops focused on raising awareness of the Young Londoners Fund.


To be delivered between May and June 2018

Follow up engagement

Work with the Community Engagement team to deliver further engagement and co-production activity building on opportunities identified through the workshops.


To be delivered between July and December 2018

Exit strategy

Propose and present a plan of next steps which will support the GLA in sustaining connections with community organisations.


First draft August 2018


Final plan signed off October 2018

Equality comments

This work is focused on addressing concerns which disproportionately affect BAME communities and the consultants will be asked to actively engage with these communities in carrying out the work.

Other considerations
  1. key risks and issues



Mitigation measures

Current probability (1-4)

Current impact



GLA Lead

Communities feel engagement is tokenistic.

Ensure officers and consultants feed community insight to internal colleagues; follow up promptly on actions agreed with communities; and communicate this process clearly and consistently to all stakeholders.




Community Engagement team

Community engagement is limited to ‘the usual suspects’ and does not reach the variety of groups City Hall should engage.

Engagement will be done primarily outside of City Hall in partnership with Civil Society organisations with depth of reach into target communities with an emphasis on BAME groups.




Community Engagement team

Timing of activities does not align with opportunities to contribute to long-range planning for future policies and programmes.

An ‘exit’ plan will be incorporated into the consultancy, allowing time for long-range planning.




Community Engagement team

GLA teams fail to integrate community insight into policies and programmes.

Work collaboratively with teams to agree actions that take account of community insight.


Ensure clear decisions are made and recorded at political and senior officer level, so the organisation.




Community Engagement team

Financial mismanagement of any funding provided by the GLA to partners involved in externally funded programmes.

The GLA will conduct due diligence on all partners, appropriate contracts will be in place before funding agreements are signed.




Community Engagement Team


  1. Links to Mayoral strategies and priorities


This work supports existing Mayoral priorities on social integration and community safety. 


c) impact assessments and consultations.


The Community Engagement team hosted an emergency meeting for community and voluntary organisations working on serious youth violence at City Hall on 18th April 2018.This meeting brought together over 150 organisations and stakeholders that focus on community and youth engagement, working with young people affected by or involved in serious youth violence. This consultation has informed this ADD, and since the meeting, we have been received numerous requests for follow up meetings and offers of engagement opportunities. As a result, the team has recognised the need for additional capacity to address this priority issue.

Financial comments

Approval is sought for expenditure of up to £30,000 on the procurement of a community engagement consultant and supporting resources, and a further £20,000 on engagement activities.

The total cost of £50,000 will be funded from the 2018-19 Director of Communities and Intelligence’s Minor Programme budget.

Activity table



Procurement of contract

May/June 2018

Delivery Start Date

June 2018

Six-month work plan drafted

Mid-June 2018

Workshops delivered & work plan signed off

June 30, 2018

Follow up engagement begins

July 2018

Exit strategy drafted

August 2018

Exit strategy signed off

October 2018

Delivery End Date

November 2018

Project Closure

December 2018

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