ADD2289 Greenwich Square Phase 2

Type of decision: 
Assistant Director's decision
Date signed: 
23 October 2018
Decision by: 
Simon Powell, Assistant Director of Strategic Projects and Property

Executive summary

Greenwich Square is a new build residential scheme being delivered by Mace under a development agreement with GLA Land & Property dated 1st February 2012.

Phase 1 has delivered 361 new homes and Mace has sought planning permission to increase housing numbers in Phase 2.

A variation is required to the development agreement to facilitate the delivery of Phase 2.


That the Assistant Director of Strategic Projects & Property approves:

GLA Land & Property Ltd (GLAP) entering into a deed of variation to the development agreement with MACE Developments (Greenwich) Limited on the terms set out within this paper.

Part 1: Non-confidential facts and advice

Introduction and background

The former Greenwich District Hospital was purchased in 2004 from NHS Queen Elizabeth Trust as part of the London Wide Initiative. The Homes & Communities Agency (HCA) worked in partnership with the Royal Borough of Greenwich (RBG), Greenwich PCT (“NHS”) and the local community to prepare development plans for the scheme, achieve planning consent and bring forward the development.

The project was granted detailed planning consent in March 2009 for 645 new homes with a new public leisure centre, library, health centre, Council service centre and ancillary retail.

The HCA entered into the Development Agreement with the developer, Hadley Mace, on 1st February 2012 to deliver the scheme known as Greenwich Square.

The freehold to the site and the HCA’s rights and liabilities contained in the DA transferred from HCA to GLAP on 1 April 2012 by virtue of a transfer scheme made under the Localism Act 2011.

Phase 1 has been delivered with 361 new homes constructed. The Development Agreement allows the developer to seek planning permission for additional units and Mace has secured planning approval for the addition of 41 new for sale units to Phase 2, subject to the completion of the revised s106.

Part 2 sets out the terms of the proposed variation to the development agreement.

It should be noted that to accommodate the additional 41 units within the s73 planning application a revised s106 has been completed. Due to the challenging viability of the scheme and the level of affordable already secured (45.7% on a unit basis across the total 686) no additional affordable units were required by the Royal Borough Greenwich as part of the revised design.

The new s106 Agreement consolidates the existing s106 Agreement dated 31 March 2009, as modified on 30 March 2012, to deal with the changes to the development pursuant to the Section 73 Application. Details of the variations to the new agreement, which supersede the old can be seen in Appendix 1.

Previous Approvals

The project was inherited by the GLA from the HCA. The most recent decision paper for the project is MD 1454, dated 24.02.15 approving the acquisition of an NHS building that was incorporated into the scheme.

Objectives and expected outcomes

This project continues to construct new homes and supports one of the Mayors key priorities of housing delivery.

Equality comments

The impact of this decision is not anticipated to have any unequal impact on any groups with protected characteristics, either positive or negative.

Activity table



Assistant Directors Decision signed

October 2018

Deed of variation to development agreement completed

October 2018

Phase 2 Complete

September 2020

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