ADD2366 Explore Your Horizons 2019

Type of decision: 
Assistant Director's decision
Date signed: 
17 September 2019
Decision by: 
Alice Wilcock, Assistant Director of Team London

Executive summary

This decision form seeks approval to spend up to £13,000 on catering, media, branding and volunteer expenses related to the Explore Your Horizons (EYH) Team London networking event.

The Enterprise Adviser Network (EAN) matches professional volunteers (Enterprise Advisers) with schools to develop a whole school careers strategy. ‘Explore Your Horizons’ is an annual EAN schools event and this year it will be held on 28 November 2019.

The event will take place at Lord’s Cricket Ground, where up to 270 young people will network with up to 250 business volunteers drawn from existing Enterprise Advisers and wider organisations with links to the network.


That the Assistant Director of Team London and Community Sport approves:

Expenditure of up to £13,000, from the Team London and Community Sport budget towards catering, media, branding and volunteer expenses for the Team London Enterprise Advisers’ ‘Explore Your Horizons’ event.

The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) have agreed to provide the venue free of charge which will contribute value in kind in excess of £8,000 to the event.

Part 1: Non-confidential facts and advice

Introduction and background

The Enterprise Adviser Network (EAN) is a national programme that supports social mobility through matching up to two senior business volunteers (Enterprise Advisers) with a school or college careers leader to support them to increase business engagement with and develop a whole-school careers strategy and employer engagement plan that is representative of all pathways into employment and considers all sectors.

The Mayor approved expenditure of up to £ 2.668m, under cover of MD2262, to support the expansion of the London Enterprise Adviser Network for the period September 2018 to August 2020, comprising up to £1.268m CEC funding and £1.4m GLA funding. In March 2019 a further expenditure of up to £60,000 was approved under cover of DD2333, comprising of £30,000 LEAP (Local Enterprise Partnership for London) and £30,000 CEC (Careers and Enterprise Company) to allow the LEAN to take over responsibility for Croydon which had previously been covered by the Coast to Capital LEP.

By August 2020 all mainstream secondary schools, pupil referral units and FE colleges will have had the offer to be part of the LEAN. Uptake is expected to be circa 490 schools and colleges representing 80% uptake in schools and PRUs and 100% of FE colleges. To support this up to 700 senior business volunteers (Enterprise Advisers) will have been recruited.

This decision provides approval for expenditure of £13,000 to deliver the annual ‘Explore Your Horizons’ school speed networking event. During the day, between 250-270 students, from Enterprise Adviser Network schools, will have the chance to network with up to 250-270 business professionals from over a hundred different organisations across London. This will help them to find out more about the many career options available to them. Up to 20 Young Event Volunteers from the Team London HeadStart programme will also be in attendance alongside Team London staff to work with the students and help deliver the event.

Objectives and expected outcomes

The objective of the event is to;

  • support schools to inspire their young people to consider the range of opportunities available to them by allowing them to discover different types of jobs, sectors, pathways in to employment and ultimately to support them to make more informed career choices.
  • provide students with increased number of employer encounters with up to 10 different employers/employees. See 4.3 for research evidence on the impact of multiple employer encounters on young people.
  • provide teachers with opportunities to find out first hand from businesses the career pathways and opportunities available to their young people.
  • provide business employees from all sectors with an opportunity to volunteer with young people.
  • to recruit Enterprise Advisers from business attendees who are not currently involved in the programme.


We expect to meet the following KPIs:



KPIs achieved for EYH 2018

KPI target – EYH 2019

Business volunteers recruited

296 recruited, ~ 200 attended

250-270 (recruit 300-320 to account for drop out)

Event volunteers recruited



(recruit 25-30 to account for drop out)

Event volunteer satisfaction

Not recorded so plan to record this time


Young people recruited

250 recruited, 245 attended


Increased encounters with employers

10 encounters per student delivered

Interact with up to 10 professionals per student

Business volunteer satisfaction

93% rated the event as excellent or very good


Young people satisfaction

98% stated they would recommend the event to a friend.


Young people feel more informed about different career pathways and sectors

100% reported that the event had helped them understand more about different career pathways and sectors


Teacher satisfaction

100% rated the event as Very good or good



​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Goods and services will be procured in accordance with the GLA’s Contracts and Funding Code. Should we need to enter a contract we will work with TfL procurement and complete a competitive exercise to ensure that value for money is sought and the code is followed.

Equality comments

These initiatives will uphold the GLA’s commitment to Equality and Diversity and will have due regard to the Public Sector Equality Duty. Team London volunteering projects aim to ensure that all Londoners can access volunteering opportunities, ensuring equality to those possessing protected characteristics and indeed by doing so support other Londoners equally throughout the city.

Our projects particularly promote equal life chances; reducing barriers to social mobility, demonstrating improvements in social integration and effective community engagement. This will involve working with young people, under-represented and disconnected Londoners to advise and educate them, better equipping them for entering the world of work.

The event is open to all secondary schools across the Enterprise Adviser Network, of which there are 312 across 32 boroughs. Schools are asked to select young people who will benefit the most. We have reviewed schools prior to selection to allow for children from varied backgrounds to take part. Pupils from multiple London boroughs will participate, ensuring a diverse representation of race, disability, gender, religion or belief and economic background. In particular, schools are encouraged to select young people who are at risk of under achieving academically or have not previously taken part in opportunities like this, to motivate and inspire them, and to advance equality of opportunity between persons who share a relevant protected characteristic. Ultimately this event will support young people attending to break down barriers by informing them of the different options available to them.

The event will also a) inform better social integration and understanding between education leaders, business volunteers and young people; b) support a better understanding of challenges within education for businesses c) allow a greater understanding of the world of work and changing employment landscape for teachers and students and d) foster good relations between persons who share a relevant protected characteristic and persons who do not share it.

Other considerations

Key risks and issues, including mitigation:

Risk Description

Mitigation / Risk response





RAG Rating

Team London does not secure a venue

Team London has collaborated with Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) to host the event in its original format, “the UK’s Largest Careers Speed Networking Event for Young People” over the past 4 years. The venue has already been provisionally held for this year’s event and an event planning meeting has taken place. MCC provide the event venue free of charge to Team London, providing a value in kind contribution in excess of £8,000.





Team London does not secure enough young people

The event will be promoted to secondary schools within the Enterprise Adviser Network, through their allocated Enterprise Coordinators.  All 312 secondary schools on the network will be invited to apply for the event, with unsuccessful applicants added to a waiting list.


Event volunteers will be sourced via the Headstart programme also run by Team London and delivered by The Challenge These volunteers (aged 18-20) will be able to stand in as young people if necessary.





Team London does not recruit enough business volunteers to participate

The event will be promoted through Team London’s existing business links, the Corporate Newsletter, Enterprise Adviser Network and the Careers & Enterprise Company. Volunteers will be drawn from the existing list of ≈160 volunteers that attended the 2018 event and the ≈265 Enterprise Advisers volunteering through the network in addition to new organisations.


This will be the fourth year of the event and we know that this is a very popular event with business volunteers. However in the unlikely event that we have fewer than 250 business volunteers attend on the day, there will be the option to double up students on a 1:2 ratio. This will still give the students useful insight into careers opportunities.







Links to Mayoral strategies and priorities

“Explore Your Horizons” is targeted at young people from across a broad range of London’s secondary schools. The event will contribute towards:

  • Increasing employer encounters for students, a KPI with our national funder the Careers & Enterprise Company and referenced in the Careers for Londoners Action Plan. See below for the research evidence about why this is important.
  • Improving provision of careers advice in schools through the Enterprise Adviser Network, supporting the Skills for Londoners Strategy
  • Supporting businesses to develop their future talent pipeline, particularly within STEM and Construction, Digital and Creative industries in line with the Mayoral priorities outlined in the Skills for Londoners Strategy and the Mayor’s Good Work Standard.

Impact assessments and consultations


The event is being held to support schools to improve their careers provision, as well as provide young people with an opportunity to learn more about different sectors and the world of work. Education and Employers Taskforce research finds an 86% reduction in the chance of young people being not in employment, education or training (NEET) following 4 or more encounters with the world of work (Dr Anthony Mann, Education & Employers Taskforce, 2017). This event responds to the research, by giving the schools a platform to allow their young people to meet representatives from across a range of sectors, industries and experience. Following this event, the young people in attendance will have received approximately 10 such encounters with business volunteers from a range of occupations and industries.


The event also supports schools to work towards the London Ambitions recommendation of providing young people with 100 hours of “experiences of the world of work”.


We will use a number of qualitative and quantitative metrics to capture impact of the event on all stakeholders, including those mentioned in 2.2.

Financial comments

The expenditure of up £13,000 will be funded from the 2019-20 Enterprise Adviser Network Programme budget, within the Team London and Community Sport Unit.

Activity table



Confirmation of schools signed up


Confirmation of businesses signed up


Deadline for catering and Audio Visual orders


Final evaluation start and finish (self)

29/11/2019 – 13/12/2019

Delivery End Date


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