ADD328 City Hall Video

Type of decision: 
Assistant Director's decision
Date signed: 
10 July 2015
Decision by: 
Paul Igbokwe, Head of Public and Community Liaison

Executive summary

As part of the GLA’s public information programme, Public & Community Engagement is looking to produce a City Hall Video to help improve Londoners’ understanding of the London government structure, roles and responsibilities of the Mayor and London Assembly as well as the relationship between the GLA and other organisations in the GLA Group. The video will be informed by the City Hall leaflet and will also support the GLA Education/Citizenship Programme.


The Head of Service approves expenditure of up to £13,500 to procure and commission the development and production of a City Hall Video to communicate the role of the Mayor and the London Assembly as part GLA’s public information programme. 

Part 1: Non-confidential facts and advice

Introduction and background

1.1    A strategic review at the GLA which included primary quantitative and qualitative research, including discourse analysis of mainstream and social media channels and focus groups, identified an opportunity to further educate Londoners about the role of the Mayor and London Assembly and how the various bodies represent Londoners, what their respective roles are and what it means for the city.

1.2    There is a strong sense from Londoners that they want to understand more about how London is governed and it is important to do so in order for them to effectively access the work of London’s government and the associated benefits.

1.3    Clearer information on the structure and responsibilities of the GLA and how the organisation relates to national and local government will inform and engage Londoners.  This should be communicated through a wide variety of channels, such as the GLA website, social media channels and information at City Hall, so that as many people as possible can access and benefit from it. 

1.4    Work so far includes: 

• Production of a City Hall leaflet, distributed through GLA channels 
• A new suite of social media accounts 
• Refreshed content on the GLA’s website  

1.5    The GLA is looking to create an educational video to reinforce the content provided in the City Hall leaflet. The aim would be to reach a wider online audience and encourage engagement with the video and our City Hall channels (social, website). The cost of this will be £13,269.85

Objectives and expected outcomes

•    To increase Londoners awareness and understanding of the set-up and role of City Hall, including the GLA, Mayor and London Assembly as part of  the Mayor’s commitment to open, accessible and transparent government
•    To Improve City Hall’s engagement with Londoners and beyond
•    To Improve City Hall’s digital offer 


Equality comments

•    Ensure that London’s diversity is represented in the video visually
•    Ensure that video is accessible in line with The GLA's Equality Duty


Other considerations

4.1     This piece of work will help to meet the following strategic plan objectives:

•    Strategic plan: “Consulting and informing staff, Londoners and other stakeholders about GLA priorities and plan.”
•    Strategic plan: “Ensure that London’s strengths are promoted effectively.”
•    Strategic plan: “Riding the wave of digital engagement.”

4.2     A clearer understanding of the structure and roles within London’s government will empower Londoners to engage with the work of the Mayor and London Assembly and wider GLA group and increase their ability and readiness to access the associated benefits. 

4.3     The work will be undertaken in consultation with teams across the GLA, including the London Assembly.

4.4     The risk to not undertaking this piece of work is that there is a continual decline in those who are informed about the work of the Mayor, which in turn means we are not delivering our strategic aims and not keeping Londoners aware of our work. 

Financial comments

5.1     The expenditure of up to £13,500 on the procurement and commissioning of the City Hall Video will be funded from the existing 2015-16 Public and Community Engagement Unit programme budget.

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