ADD373 Team London -Young Leaders & Unilever brightFuture Grants

Type of decision: 
Assistant Director's decision
Date signed: 
14 December 2015
Decision by: 
Natalie Cramp, Programme Director, Team London

Executive summary

Team London is the Mayor’s programme to encourage volunteering in the capital. 
Under MD1526 Team London was allocated £502,000 in the GLA’s budget setting process, along with £100,000 secured from the C&I Directorate’s minor programmes budget that will be used to further support Team London’s programme activities as previously set out in MD1177 and MD1304. 
In addition, the GLA has secured additional sponsorship funding, as approved in MD1526 specifically to support the Team London Young Ambassadors programme (TLYA) which is designed to create the next generation of volunteers. 
This decision seeks approval for expenditure of up to £19,500 to deliver two additional, value-adding initiatives: Team London Young Leaders and Unilever brightFuture Grants.



•    The receipt of £12,000 from Unilever to deliver Unilever brightFuture Grants
•    Expenditure of up to £12,000 to award twelve small grants of £1,000 each to Team London Young Ambassador schools
•    Expenditure of up to £5,000 to award five small grants of £1,000 each to Team London Young Ambassador schools in the London Boroughs of Croydon, Lambeth, Haringey, Westminster and Greenwich to run the Team London Young Leaders pilot
•    Expenditure of up to £2,500 to host two Leadership Days and a celebration event  

Part 1: Non-confidential facts and advice

Introduction and background

1.1    Team London is the Mayor’s volunteering programme designed to deliver a volunteering legacy from the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

1.2    In September 2013 Team London launched Team London Young Ambassadors (TLYA), the Mayor’s volunteering programme for schools. 

1.3    The Team London Young Ambassadors programme inspired young people to get involved with volunteering and social action via inspiration assemblies, skills-based workshops and motivational youth summits. 

1.4    To date over 1,000 schools across London have joined the programme reaching almost 250,000 young people. 

1.5    The Team London Young Leaders initiative will fund TLYA schools directly to run events/campaigns in their Borough with other TLYA schools. This will increase the sustainability of the programme beyond the funding by creating more local networks. Team London will also work with ambassador Andy Barrow, to deliver Leadership training to all young people involved (c.100).

1.6    The Unilever brightFutures Grants are small grants available to TLYA schools who are nominated for Team London Schools Awards. These schools will be awarded funding following a pitch to Unilever staff volunteers. The funding will be used to deliver a social action project in their local community. 

Objectives and expected outcomes

2.1    The objective of these two initiatives is to add value to the existing programme. Both initiatives will give schools additional funding to deliver meaningful social action projects which will benefit the community. 

2.2    The Team London Young Leaders initiative is being piloted in five London boroughs with a view to rolling it out to all London boroughs in the 2016/17 academic year. 

2.3    It is already agreed in principle that Unilever will fund a further twelve grants in the 2016/17 academic year. These projects will allow additional showcasing of the programme and support schools to have an even greater impact.

2.4    The target audience is schools and their pupils. Schools will also be encouraged to link with local community organisations and other Team London schools.


2.5    Twelve schools will be awarded Unilever brightFutures Grants to deliver social action projects.

2.6    Five schools will receive Team London Young Leaders funding and will be required to work with three other Team London schools in their borough to deliver a social action project and/or campaign. 

Equality comments

3.1    These initiatives will uphold the GLA’s commitment to Equality and Diversity. 

Other considerations

4.1    There are no other considerations pertinent to this decision.


Financial comments

5.1    The total gross cost of this proposal will be up to £19,500 and the net cost to the GLA will be £7,500. The balance of £12,000 will be funded by a grant from Unilever, specifically for the Bright Future grants project. The GLA’s contribution of £7,500 for this proposal will be funded from the 2015-16 Team London Programme budget as approved by MD1526. 

5.2    As noted within the main body of this report, subject to the successful delivery of this pilot initiative, officers will be looking to roll out this programme into 2016-17, including the further receipt of grant from Unilever in 2016-17. This will however be subject to further approval via the Authority’s decision-making process. All appropriate budget adjustments will be made. 

Planned delivery approach and next steps

•    These two initiatives will run 1 December 2015 – 1 September 2016 with the anticipated extension of the Unilever brightFuture grants for a further twelve months. 

•    The schools will be managed via our delivery partner, WE Day (formerly Free The Children). 

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