ADD404 Development of a web based grants application system

Type of decision: 
Assistant Director's decision
Date signed: 
03 March 2016
Decision by: 
David Munn, Head of Information Technology

Executive summary

The GLA makes a number of grants annually to different organisations, groups and individuals for various purposes in relation to making London a better place to live, visit and work.  The proposed system seeks to harmonise the way that an applicant can make a grant application to the GLA. 



That the Assistant Director approves expenditure of up to £30,000 for the development of a working prototype grants application system and the variation of contract with Sirius Ltd to carry out the analysis and development work.


Part 1: Non-confidential facts and advice

Introduction and background

The GLA provides grant funding to a number of individuals, organisations and groups for a variety of purposes relating to improving London.  In general, the GLA creates a Programme (and team) around an area of work which grants will be given e.g. recycling, local regeneration initiative, improvement of high streets etc.

At present, the application process for a grant varies from one Programme to another, requiring officers in additional work, not only to create an application process per Programme but to provide retrospective financial information to the GLA Finance Department.

A single portal that provides general and specific grant application information will not only save officer time but will provide GLA Finance and Governance with more timely information about grant applications and their status.


Objectives and expected outcomes

The expected outcome from this approval is the development of a working prototype of a web based portal which an applicant can use to apply for a grant from the GLA for a specific Programme of work.

Once the working prototype has been developed, tested and signed off, a live pilot will commence with one of the Programmes and, taking feedback from the pilot, the system will be further developed and made available to a wider range of Programmes (the eventual aim is that all GLA Programmes will use this system for grant applications.

The deliverables for this project will be produced by Sirius Ltd.  Sirius was procured in 2014 to supply the GLA with a number of development and support services, using the G-Cloud framework.  The current contract allows for variations, including for the development of additional digital products.

Note:  developments beyond the pilot phase will require additional funding and further approvals will be submitted.


Equality comments

Given the (planned) wide usage of this system, it will be developed using web accessible standards, to meet AA compliance on the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) web accessibility initiative.


Other considerations

Risk Profile

The main risks having an impact on this project are:

1.      Time:  There is a very limited time to complete a working prototype.  The mitigation proposed is to arrive at a minimum viable product (MVP) at the outset and ensure that the MVP is delivered as the first stage, to enable a pilot to be conducted.
2.      Stakeholders:  There are a wide range of stakeholders with different (programme specific) requirements.  This may lead to a wide expansion in scope.  The proposed mitigations are to a) agree minimum viable product functionality b) use one particular team as the pilot group.


There has been wide consultation on the need for this system as well as its practical use and application.  In particular, discussions have taken place with GLA Finance, Governance and Regeneration teams.


Financial comments

Approval is requested for the expenditure of up to £25k for the development of a prototype Grants Application System and a further £5k for one year of support. 

The expenditure will be financed from the Technology Group 2015/16 Programme Delivery budget and the 2016/17 indicative budget. 

It is expected that once the pilot stage is completed further development work will be required, any additional funding will be subject to the Authority’s budget setting and decision making process.


Planned delivery approach and next steps



Procurement of contract [for externally delivered projects]

Early March 2016.

Delivery Start Date [for project proposals]

Early March 2016

Delivery End Date [for project proposals]

Early April 2016

Project Closure: [for project proposals]

April 2016


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