MD1661 Team London work programme 2015-16

Type of decision: 
Mayoral decision
Date signed: 
30 April 2016
Decision by: 
Boris Johnson MP (past staff), Mayor of London

Executive summary

This MD seeks Mayoral approval of the GLA Team London Team’s 2016-17 work programme of up to a maximum of £532,000. 
In addition, it also seeks approval of the Enterprise Adviser programme to be funded from up to £500,000 in external income over two year 2016-17 and 2017-18 to support the expansion.
GLA officers will ensure that break clauses are in place in order should a new Mayor wish to review or stop some of the proposed activities.


That the Mayor approves:

1.    Expenditure of up to a maximum of £532,000 for the Team London core work programme 2016-17 as detailed within this paper.

2.    The Team London Enterprise Adviser Programme and receipt and associated expenditure of up to £500,000 to be funded from external income over the next two financial years.

Part 1: Non-confidential facts and advice

Introduction and background

1.1    Team London is the Mayor of London’s volunteering programme for London. The overarching objectives of which are as follows: to make volunteering easier and improve its profile; to inspire the next generation of volunteers; to support and champion the third sector; and to welcome the world to London. All of our initiatives focus on convening the sectors for the good of London’s communities, and ensuring skills are developed and shared through volunteering.

1.2    To date Team London has a database of nearly 150,000 volunteers, works with 1,700 charities, over 300,000 young people and 1,600 schools.

1.3    As a part of the Team London programme, the Enterprise Adviser initiative is part of a national scheme matching business volunteers with teachers in schools to support careers education. Team London deliver the programme in London, working with the LEP and the Education team to link it to the wider London Ambitions programme.

1.4    The Team London programme supports delivering the Mayor’s volunteering objective to build a legacy from the 2012 Games, mobilising all Londoners to do great things for their city, and supports the Mayor’s 2020 vision on equipping Londoners with the jobs and skills to compete in a global marketplace.

Objectives and expected outcomes

2.1    This programme funding will contribute to the following:  
•    The delivery of the next generation of volunteers
•    Communications and marketing to grow and maintain the volunteer database
•    Delivery of the Visitor Welcome programme
•    Third sector support and recognition
•    Delivery of a programme of activity as European Volunteering Capital

The receipt of external income to support the extension of the Enterprise Adviser programme will support the delivery of the London Ambitions strategy and our skills-based volunteering agenda. 

The context, outcomes and allocation of funding is detailed in the table below:



The next generation of volunteers


  • Volunteering has been proven to support young people to build the soft skills (leadership, teamwork, communications) and confidence that they need to succeed in later life.
  • The Team London Young Ambassadors programme will reach over 2,000 schools and 400,000 young people.
  • The London Knowledge Quiz offers every school in London the opportunity to compete in a fun, free online competition to inspire young people to learn about the history, geography and culture of London.
  • The majority of our work with younger people is externally funded, this Team London funding has enabled us to reach over 1,600 schools and 300,000 young people to date and engage 500 schools in learning about their city.

Funding outcomes

  • Funding will be spent on delivering a Schools Conference, which has been a very successful recruitment tool for schools with an almost 100% engagement rate every year. This is the same cost as last year and also supports our wider schools work e.g. recruiting schools to the Enterprise Advisers programme.
  • Funding will also support delivery of the London Knowledge Quiz live final. The London Knowledge Quiz is a fun, online quiz which offers every school in London the chance to learn about the history, geography and culture of their city. Outcomes include increased confidence, teamwork and motivation for learning. This small amount of funding for the live final has unlocked £116,500 of VIK support to deliver the rest of the quiz.

Funding Decisions

  • Expenditure of up to £10,000 on materials for the London Knowledge Quiz final and hosting the final at the Museum of London.
  • Expenditure of up to £12,000 on delivery of the Schools’ Conference hosted at the GLA.


Communications and Marketing


  • Team London now communicates with nearly 150,000 volunteers, 1,600 schools, over 100 businesses and 1,700 charities.
  • Marketing campaigns are critical to getting new volunteers involved in our programmes, and particularly targeting cohorts that are not currently volunteering. Our marketing campaigns each year have had great success as a result of gifted TfL inventory.
  • Team London has received £50,000 from Lloyds Banking Group as part of their sponsorship arrangement to run a marketing campaign focussed on volunteering as a route to work. This has been run for the last two years very successfully.

Funding Outcomes

  • The funding will enable Team London to continue to engage our stakeholders through newsletters, emails etc. which cost per recipient. Team London newsletters exceed industry averages on click-through rates and we will maintain this trend.
  • The funding will enable the launch of a new marketing campaign to engage the ageing population in volunteering. It will engage Tapping into a new cohort of volunteers not currently engaged in Team London and support many more charities and young people to have the benefit of skilled volunteers.
  • Through gifted TfL inventory and a letter writing campaign to business we will multiply the investment of the marketing campaign to reach many more of our target audience (50-70).
  • Targets for the campaign will be agreed with the marketing team following market research which is currently underway.

Funding Decisions

  • Expenditure of up to £100,000 on market research and a campaign using MEC, the preferred marketing supplier.
  • Expenditure of up to £20,000 on communications through email (GLA preferred supplier) and website minor updates.
  • Expenditure of up to £50,000 on a student marketing campaign working with MEC (GLA preferred supplier).

£170,000 (inc. £50,000 of external funding from Lloyds Banking Group)

Visitor Welcome


  • This is a Mayoral commitment to be delivered to 2016.
  • It is a critical part of the Olympic and Paralympic legacy, continuing to welcome the world to London at key tourist hotspots whilst tourist numbers continue to rise.
  • Last year we reduced the cost of the programme through using a delivery partner and gaining VIK support on a number of elements of the programme.
  • It is not commercially sponsorable as a whole programme.
  • It provides a basis by which to train high quality volunteers which support our major event opportunities.

Funding outcomes

  • 500+ volunteers over 9 locations welcoming the world to London.
  • 100 new trained Ambassadors.
  • Support young unemployed people to have a chance to build their skills on their pathway to work.
  • 90%+ volunteer satisfaction.
  • 90%+ visitor satisfaction.
  • Showcasing London as European Volunteering Capital 2016 though pod design and branding.

Funding include

  • Expenditure of up to £100,000 on our delivery partner (A-Z Events – appointed by competitive tender).
  • Expenditure of up to £15,000 on uniforms for the volunteer Ambassadors.
  • Expenditure of up to £20,000 on training and programme materials
  • Expenditure of up to £20,000 on pod design and deployment following a competitive tender process.
  • Expenditure of up to £30,000 on volunteer expenses and volunteer recognition.


Third Sector Support and Recognition


  • Team London now works with over 1,700 charities and has been named European Volunteering Capital 2016.
  • A key mayoral commitment when Team London was set up was to support the third sector and to recognise volunteers.
  • The work across the third sector profile has significantly grown as a result of successful engagement with the sector and now working with 1,700 charities vs. 100 at the outset. Over 80,000 opportunities are now on our websites at any one time, each opportunity needs to be approved to maintain the quality and volunteering experience.

Funding Outcomes

  • Delivery of a high profile awards ceremony for volunteers all across the capital.
  • Delivery of a series of events to support our year as European Volunteering Capital which will enable us to achieve the following objectives:
    • Share best practice.
    • Showcase London’s third sector.
    • Connect sectors to increase opportunities for Londoners, and the organisations that support them.
    • Empower Londoners to tackle pan-European challenges through volunteering with three themes; youth unemployment, the ageing population and the refugee crisis.
    • Share the concept of European Volunteering Capital with as many people as possible and create a blueprint by which future cities can deliver as volunteering capitals.
  • The continued delivery of a brokerage website which matches hundreds of thousands of volunteers with 1,700+ charities.

Funding Decisions include

  • EVC and infrastructure – expenditure of up to £50,000 on events, communications and publications of Team London’s work as European Volunteering Capital and on working with third sector infrastructure to support growth in volunteering and support for civil society across London.
  • Resourcing increased demand - expenditure of up to £50,000 on a resource to support the ever growing demand of our third sector work and particularly to help us deliver the programme of activities for EVC.


  • Awards - expenditure of up to £20,000 on a grant funding agreement with GLV to support award nominations from every volunteer centre across London, and event day costs including staging, printing and catering.



Enterprise Advisers


  • A national programme led by the Careers and Enterprise Company, which in partnership with the LEP Team London bid to run in London in 2015-16 to initially support 75 schools.
  • There is now the opportunity to expand the programme through receipt of further funding over the next two years.
  • Funding needs to be matched, but Team London are working with the Mayor’s Fund for London to secure the remainder of the funding and will work in partnership with the Mayor’s Fund for London to deliver this.

Funding outcomes

  • Over the three year programme to reach 293 secondary schools and 124 primary schools, connecting teachers with business volunteers to deliver a careers education plan for the whole school.
  • 417 school careers education plans.
  • 417 teachers who are more confident in giving careers advice.
  • 700 trained and deployed volunteers.

Funding Decisions

  • Receipt of up to £500,000 over two years.
  • Grant funding of up to £325,000 to the Mayor’s Fund for London to support delivery of the programme.
  • Grant funding of up to £50,000 on the CIPD to support with recruitment of volunteers for the programme.
  • Expenditure of up to £125,000 on extending Grade 8 resources in Team London to continue to run the programme.

Receipt of up to £500,000 in external income


Equality comments

3.1    Gender Equality and Equal Opportunities are enshrined within the GLA’s programmes and activities according to the Mayor’s Framework for Equal Life Chances (June 2014). The framework aims to bring Londoners together rather than dividing them. It promotes outcomes for a diverse range of communities that seek to bring real changes to the quality of life for all Londoners. The Team London projects and programmes stem from our current work which aims to enable all Londoners to engage in volunteering. 
3.2    Our projects particularly promote equal life chances, working with young people to connect them with the world of work and prevent unemployment, working with the ageing population to prevent social isolation in later years and recognising volunteers from every area in London through our Awards ceremony.

3.3    The Enterprise Adviser programme’s aim is to ensure a better consistency of careers education across all areas for children of all backgrounds. By scaling the programme across London we would enable this programme to be offered equally to all.

Other considerations

4.1    Key risks and issues

4.1.1    Delays in undertaking any of the activities listed above (due to not having budgets or agreements in place) are likely to lead to an interruption in service provision that may have a negative reputational impact on the Mayor. Mitigation: The timelines and expected costs for all activities have been reviewed. Team London maintains a programme plan and risk register to flag any issues and monitor risks and mitigations. 

4.1.2    The Visitor Welcome programme requires planning permission to use the different sites in London for the pods, it is assumed that this will come through as we are using the same sites as last year. We can deploy the programme without the pod if absolutely necessary.

4.1.3    These programmes are the continuation of existing work and resources are in place within the Team London team to manage these programmes, beyond the extension of our temporary third sector resource which is covered in this funding.

4.1.4    The Mayor’s Fund for London are in the final stages of securing the matched funding to enable the Enterprise Adviser programme to scale. We will only receive the Careers and Enterprise Company funding and enter into any grant arrangements with the Mayor’s Fund for London once this funding is secure and in writing. The Careers and Enterprise Company know that this is our intention and are comfortable with this approach.

4.2 Links to Mayoral strategies and priorities

4.2.1    The Team London 2016-17 work programme and the expansion of the Enterprise Adviser     programme will contribute towards:
•    The efficient and effective delivery of Mayoral commitments specifically commitments to volunteering, skills and employment.  
•    The Enterprise Adviser programme will also contribute to the delivery of the wider London Ambitions strategy led by the LEP and the Education and Youth team.

4.3 Impact Assessments and consultations

4.3.1    We consult relevant groups when undertaking any new programmes e.g. the Enterprise Adviser programme, we sought consultation through focus groups from teachers, the LEP, businesses, HR professionals and young people. We are now forming an Advisory Board for the programme to ensure we have the voice of all relevant parties shaping the programme as we expand.


Financial comments

5.1 Approval is being sought for total expenditure of a total £1,032,000 made of the following:


  1. the principal investment expenditure of up to £532,000 in 2016-17 for the projects highlighted below:

Budget Line


Website and Awareness


Visitor Welcome




Reward and Recognition


Microgrants & Support (3rd Sector)





A total net budget of £857,000 was awarded to Team London for the 2016/2017 programme budget.

It should be noted that £325,000 of this is funding Volunteering into Work as per 4.3 and this has already been approved through MD1612.

B) The receipt and expenditure of up to £500,000 from external funding from the Careers and Enterprise Company spread over two years, 2016-17 and 2017-18 to support the expansion of the Enterprise Adviser initiative i.e. approximately £250,000 for 2016/2017 and £250,000 for 2017/2018 year.

5.5 Any changes to this proposal, including budgetary implications will be subject to further approval via the Authority’s decision-making process. All appropriate budget adjustments will be made.

Investment and Performance Board

IPB approved in-principle the proposal at its April 2016 meeting.


Planned delivery approach and next steps


Milestones, deliverables and promotional activity


GLA lead

Planned date


Submit MD for approval to commit expenditure for agreed work programme

N Cramp

April 2016


Secure funding for expansion of Enterprise Adviser programme and agree grant funding with Mayor’s Fund for London

N Cramp

May 2016


Launch recruitment for schools and business volunteers for Enterprise Adviser programme

A Presly

June 2016


Deliver high profile event to launch Volunteers Week and showcase our role as European Volunteering Capital and ‘Big Recruit Day’ with Volunteer Centres and Job Centres

A Wilcock

June 2016


Deliver live London Knowledge Quiz final

J D’Souza

July 2016


Deliver Visitor Welcome programme

S Scowen

July – August 2016


Deliver ageing population marketing campaign

J D’Souza

September 2016


Deliver Team London Awards ceremony

S Kamin

September/October 2016 (subject to Mayoral availability)


Deliver Team London Schools’ Conference

J D’Souza

October 2016


Deliver student marketing campaign

J D’Souza

November-December 2016


Deliver first Mayor’s International Volunteering Conference

S Kamin

December 2016


Publish blueprints on Team London programmes to share best practice with the third sector, business and other cities across the UK and Europe

A Wilcock

December 2016


120 new secondary schools engaged in Enterprise Adviser programme

A Presly

Summer 2017


400+ schools in total engaged in Enterprise Adviser programme

A Presly

Summer 2018

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