MD2014 London 2017 World ParaAthletics Championships

Type of decision: 
Mayoral decision
Date signed: 
27 October 2016
Decision by: 
Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

Executive summary

The Mayor’s volunteering programme for the capital, Team London has built on the success of the London 2012 Games and created a programme which has engaged with nearly one million Londoners and resulted in London being named European Volunteering Capital 2016. This legacy has included continued delivery of the Team London Ambassadors Programme to welcome visitors to London every summer, and working with London’s major sporting and cultural events to support the delivery of their volunteering programmes, showcasing the best the capital has to offer.

This MD asks for approval for Team London to receive external funding to undertake the strategic planning, operational development and delivery of up to 4,500 volunteers to support the London 2017 Summer of Athletics (World ParaAthletics Championships and IAAF World Championships).



That the Mayor approves the following:

•    Receipt of a maximum of £2m from London 2017 for Team London to support the volunteer delivery of the London 2017 World ParaAthletics Championships and IAAF World Championships (Summer of Athletics). 

•    Approval to enter into the required agreement with London 2017 in order for Team London to support the delivery of London 2017. 

•    Approval to spend up to £2 million on staffing, venues, selection events, training events and delivery partner, operational deployment, mobile volunteer pods, volunteer uniforms and expenses, refreshments and materials.

Part 1: Non-confidential facts and advice

Introduction and background

1.1    The Mayor of London set up Team London in order to build on the immense success of volunteering during the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Team London encourages all Londoners to give their time to make our city a better place.

1.2    Team London has successfully delivered an annual Visitor Welcome volunteering programme every summer since 2012 deploying 600 volunteers across 9 locations for the six busiest weeks of the summer. Volunteer retention rates are very high with 63% of volunteers starting with Team London in 2012. Team London has also recruited new volunteers to the programme and created opportunities for young unemployed people to build their skills through the opportunities the programme offers. Volunteer and visitor satisfaction rates have remained continually high with volunteer and visitor satisfaction rates consistently above 90%. 

1.3    Team London has worked with over 75 major sporting and cultural events since 2012 to support their volunteering programmes and brokering over 6,000 volunteering opportunities. In 2016 Team London hosted a launch for the Major Event sector which formalised Team London’s offer. As such, in 2016 Team London is working with a wide range of events, such as FIA Formula E Championships, London Marathon, Ride London and 350 year commemorations for the Great Fire of London. Through this programme, Team London is continually building an excellent reputation for volunteer delivery at major events across London. London 2017 offers an opportunity for Team London to showcase its work on a larger stage, and engage volunteers from across its programmes from Team London Ambassadors, volunteers from across the corporate sector, and young people. 

1.4    Working across four key areas, since 2012, Team London has:

Inspired the next generation
•    Worked with 1,800 schools to build their own volunteering projects.
•    Engaged nearly 400,000 young people in the importance of giving back to their community.
•    Supported 75,000 young people to develop their employability skills.
•    Helped 500 young people secure employment through the skills and confidence they developed through volunteering programmes such as HeadStart and 2Work. 

Championed and supported the third sector
•    Supported over 1,800 charities with free volunteer recruitment, funding and professional development opportunities.
•    Built the UK’s first speed volunteering website and app. 
•    Helped over 167,000 Londoners access volunteering opportunities.
•    Allocated over £570,000 in grants to small charities to innovate in volunteering.

Partnered with business
•    In collaboration with over 100 London businesses, spearheaded a movement to recognise the importance of volunteering in staff development and the recruitment of young people through the Mayor’s Corporate Commitment.
•    Hosted the UK’s Largest Speed Networking Event for nearly 1,000 people, connecting business volunteers with young people to offer careers advice. 
•    Supported 75 schools with careers education by matching them with 150 business volunteers.
•    Raised over £4.5 million in external funding to support and scale charitable projects.

Welcomed the world to London

•    Delivered a visitor welcome programme every year since the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, supporting 150 Team Leaders and 450 London Ambassadors to complete over 15,000 hours of volunteering at 9 locations across the 6 busiest weeks of the summer. 
•    Supported over 75 sporting and cultural major events with 6,000 volunteers.

1.5    European Volunteering Capital 2016

In December 2015, London was named European Volunteering Capital 2016. We were recognised for our cross-sector partnership working with business, charities and schools, our ability to innovate and to mobilise volunteers all across the city, and stands as proof of the volunteering legacy created from the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

1.6      GLA wider involvement
The GLA has committed a fixed contribution of £8.9 million towards the staging costs of the IAAF         World Championships, and is underwriting the total cost of the IPC World Athletics Championships. For more details see MD875 attached as an appendix. 

Objectives and expected outcomes

2.1     The total expenditure for this project is estimated to be up to £2m: the budget is under discussion with London 2017 Ltd. It is expected that costs will cover the following areas; 

2.2     Staffing to support the entire project:                                                       

•    In order to support the below areas of work Team London will look to recruit positions to deliver or outsource to our delivery partner the following areas of work. 
1.    Recruitment and Selection 
2.    Training and Development 
3.    Operations – City
4.    Operations – Stadium
5.    Communications

2.3     Volunteer Recruitment and Selection::

•    Delivering a diverse recruitment strategy which will encourage, students, grass roots sports clubs, host borough organisations, sponsors, unemployed and corporates to participate. 
•    Managing the application and selection process through the use of Get Scheduled the workforce management tool. Expenditure on license and usage.
•    Designing and procuring the look and experience for volunteers through the selection event interview stage, procuring venue, design, technology, running costs, staffing, volunteer costs and supporting materials. .

2.4     Volunteer Training and Scheduling:

•    Designing and delivering training sessions, sourcing venues and providing all communications with volunteers. 
•    Scheduling of volunteers through the use of the Get Scheduled portal.

2.5    Volunteer Deployment:

•    Bespoke volunteer uniforms for volunteers designed and produced in agreement with London 2017.
•    Travel Expenses for all volunteers between Zones 1-6.
•    Volunteer refreshments for volunteers outside the stadium catering facility.
•    Temporary mobile pods for citywide volunteers.
•    Tourist maps.
•    Technology Supplies for 40 locations.
•    Volunteer management including materials, reward, recognition and evaluation


Equality comments

3.1    Team London is committed to recruiting a diverse volunteer workforce to support the London 2017 Summer of Athletics. 

3.2    Team London will work with stakeholders to reach a diverse group of volunteers, and ensure the systems and processes in place throughout the recruitment and selection process are inclusive. All venues will be assessed for accessibility.

3.3    Team London will work with all parties to ensure volunteers are recruited and managed in an inclusive manner; managers have the appropriate training and appropriate policies in place. 

3.4    Team London will work with providers to ensure volunteering opportunities are offered to young people who are currently not in education, employment or training to help build their skills for the future.

3.5    Team London programmes and volunteering opportunities are open to all those who wish to apply. Team London collects all diversity and employment monitoring information amongst other demographic information when volunteers register with Team London or enter into one of its programme.  This information is also monitored to ensure that all Londoners have the opportunity to benefit from volunteering in London. 

Other considerations

4.1     Key risks and issues

4.1.1    Delays in undertaking any of the issues activities listed above (due to not having budgets or agreements in place) are likely to lead to an interruption in service provision that may have a negative reputational impact of the Mayor. Mitigation: The timelines and expected costs have been reviewed. We are working closely with London 2017 to review sign off timescales. Team London maintains a programme plan and risk register to flag any issues and monitor risks and mitigations. This includes procurement, tender processes and planning permission.

4.1.2    External funding (sponsorship) is not achieved. Mitigation: The budget requested from London 2017 includes all elements to deliver the programme. Any sponsorship received will support Team London and London 2017 to deliver the programme at reduced cost. Team London will work with London 2017 to seek sponsorship opportunities. 

4.1.3    Volunteering opportunities are not fulfilled. Mitigation: A full team will be in place to ensure all 4,500 volunteering roles are filled. The programme has been launched nationally by London 2017 and Team London, and other partners (LLDC, Our Park Life, Active Newham) are all working to ensure their stakeholders are engaged. Within 4 days, the programme received over 10,000 expressions of interest from prospective volunteers. 

4.1.4    Lower than average volunteer satisfaction rates regarding volunteer experience or journey may affect Team London’s reputation of delivering first class volunteering opportunities for Londoners. Mitigation: Volunteers policies will be made available for all volunteers. Training opportunities, consistent communications, opportunities for feedback and reward and recognition schemes will ensure a smooth volunteer journey. 

4.2     Links to Mayoral strategies and priorities

4.2.1    The London 2017 programme will contribute towards the following Mayoral commitments:
•    Building opportunities for London’s communities, including skills, employment and inclusion.
•    Giving young people in London more opportunities.
•    Driving volunteering in the capital to continue to build on the success of London 2012 and European Volunteering Capital 2016. 
•    Investing in major sporting activities in London.

4.3    Impact assessments and consultations

4.3.1    Team London will consult and engage widely with London 2017 and partners throughout the process. Team London sits on the monthly Advisory Board for London 2017 as well as monthly operational meetings with London 2017 staff. Jeff Jacobs represents the GLA on the Boards of  the London 2017  World Athletics and World ParaAthletics Championships  . A monitoring and evaluation process will be in place for all stages of the volunteer journey. Impact assessments will be carried out as required for each initiative and work will be reviewed and refined to drive continuous improvements.

Financial comments

5.1    Approval is being sought for the receipt of external funding up to a maximum of £3m from London 2017 for Team London to support the volunteer delivery of the London 2017 World ParaAthletics Championships and IAAF World Championships (Summer of Athletics), and for expenditure of up to £2m to be provisionally allocated across the following activities;  Staffing support, volunteer recruitment and selection, volunteer training and development and volunteer deployment. 

Total Expenditure         £2,000,000

London 2017 Contribution    -£2,000,000

Total Net to the GLA     £0

5.2    It is anticipated that there will be no direct cost implications for the GLA in association with the funding agreement. 

5.3        Any changes to this proposal, including budgetary implications will be subject to the Authority’s decision-making process

Planned delivery approach and next steps



Launch of Volunteer programme by London 2017

June 2016

Application process

Aug – Sept 2016

Review and Sifting

Oct 2016

Selection Centres

Nov – Jan 2017

Role Allocation / Scheduling

Feb – Apr 2017


Apr – June 2017

Deployment: World ParaAthletics Championships

14 – 23 July 2017

Deployment: IAFF Championships

4 – 13 August 2017

Evaluation and Project End

Sept 2017


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