MD2464 Royal Docks DLR station improvements

Type of decision: 
Mayoral decision
Date signed: 
11 June 2019
Decision by: 
Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

Executive summary

MD2338 approved expenditure of £212.5m to realise the Royal Docks Enterprise Zone Delivery Plan. It also approved a delegation to the Executive Director of Housing and Land to approve the detailed spending plans for the related interventions.

In line with this delegation, DD2297 approved expenditure proposals of £5.29m for proposals falling within the Delivery Plan’s Place, Economy and Connectivity strategic themes - including £3.75m for design work on six stations in the Royal Docks.

The funding for the stations design work must be paid to TfL, who will procure the relevant consultant support in line with their usual practices. Under S120 of the GLA Act 1999, and under Mayoral decision-making in the GLA, the decision to award such grants must normally be taken by the Mayor.


That the Mayor approves:

Payment of a capital grant of up to £3.75m to TfL under section 120(1) of the GLA Act 1999, to be paid in relation to costs incurred in financial year 2019-20.

Part 1: Non-confidential facts and advice

Introduction and background

MD2338 approved the Royal Docks Enterprise Zone Delivery Plan, which includes a section on Connectivity and the need to improve six stations in the Royal Docks (Royal Albert, Royal Victoria, Beckton Park, Gallions Reach, Pontoon Dock, and Canning Town). MD2338 delegated to the Executive Director for Housing & Land the detailed expenditure proposals relating to the investment to realise the Delivery Plan.

Under that delegation, DD2297 approved, among other things, in principle expenditure of £3.75m for design work on six stations in the Royal Docks.

However, as TfL will be procuring delivery of the design work, the funding must be provided to them as capital grant, which needs a formal decision from the Mayor under S120 of the GLA Act.
Purpose of the grant

The Royal Docks is well served by two branches of the Docklands Light Railway (DLR), with services running to Beckton via Excel, and to Woolwich Arsenal via London City Airport. Alongside major TfL investment in rolling stock, the Delivery Plan identified the need to upgrade stations in the Royal Docks to improve capacity and the passenger experience. These six station projects will support the growth in demand for DLR services across the Enterprise Zone.

Delivery of the upgrades will require detailed design work and a dedicated project manager. To this end, TfL will procure the relevant consultant support in line with their usual practices. The funding that is the subject of this MD will therefore pay for:

• The detailed design of the station improvements; and
• A dedicated post for the TfL investment in the Royal Docks.

Objectives and expected outcomes

The broader objectives of the Royal Docks Delivery Plan are set out in MD2338. The expected outcome of this MD is to enable TfL to proceed with designs for the improvements at six stations in the Royal Docks to the ‘Approval in Principle’ stage. At that point further decisions will be required to proceed.

If completed, the improvements at stations will help the transport network to accommodate more comfortably the increases in passenger numbers which are expected as a result of the developments in the Enterprise Zone.

Equality comments

As set out in section 3 of DD2297, throughout the decision-making process relating to this proposal, due regard has been paid to the three limbs of the Public Sector Equality Duty. DD2297 notes how the projects falling within the Royal Docks Delivery Plan seek to address London’s housing shortage, which negatively affects those with certain protected characteristics. DD2297 also sets out how the Plan is aligned with the Mayor’s Equalities Framework.

Other considerations

The improvements to DLR stations in the Royal Docks directly supports the Enterprise Zone which is a key priority for the Mayor of London, the Mayor of Newham and the London LEAP. The improvements are part of the EZ Delivery Plan approved in June 2018.

The key risk relating to this project is the need to ensure that the upgrades to stations are done in a timely manner to support increased use as the Enterprise Zone and the wider Royal Docks grows in terms of residents, businesses and tourism.

Financial comments

This decision requests the approval of the Mayor for £3.75m of capital expenditure to be granted to TfL to fund the detailed design and management of Docklands Light Railway improvements set out in DD2297.

The expenditure will be funded from the Connectivity theme of the Delivery Plan set out in MD2338.

Activity table



Mayoral Decision

June 2019

Funding Agreement with TfL

June 2019

Commence  design works

June 2019

Completion of design works

Early 2020

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