LSDAP & SuDS launch
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Seminar: London Sustainable Drainage Action Plan & TfL’s SuDS Guidance

8:30am to 10:30am
This event is invitation only.

We are holding a breakfast meeting to launch the Mayor of London's new action plan for retrofitting sustainable drainage. As part of this, we'll be presenting TfL’s new guidance for incorporating sustainable urban drainage systems into London’s streetscapes and public realm. 

You’ll also be able to hear from Frédéric Ségur, Director of Trees and Landscapes at the Greater Lyon Authority. He’ll be talking about the innovative use of trees and landscapes in Lyon’s streets to deliver sustainable urban drainage and improve the public realm.
Learn more about Frédéric Ségur here.

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Frédѐric Ségur

After studying biology, ecology and genetics, and attending the National School of Water, Forestry and Agricultural Engineering in Nancy, France, Frédéric chose to specialise in “urban forestry”.

Study trips to various countries around the world gave him a deeper and more holistic understanding of this approach, and helped develop a strong vision about its links with sustainable urban development.

At the Greater Lyon Authority, which Frédéric joined in 1994, he set up a new team called the “Trees and Landscape Unit”. The Unit is engaged in a broad range of activities:

  • Strategic work on natural environment issues and their integration with urban development (i.e. the creation of the Greater Lyon Tree Charter, contribution to the development of the Greater Lyon Climate Change Plan, the Lyon agenda 21, its Local Development Plan, etc.).
  • Advisory and project work related to the landscape impacts of new large developments taking place in Greater Lyon’s 59 boroughs.
  • On-going management (removal, maintenance, planting) of the 90,000+ trees found in streets and public squares across Greater Lyon.

From the outset, Frédéric sought to ensure that tree-related matters were not just the remit of the Trees and Landscape Unit, but were also integrated across Greater Lyon Authority’s key departments shaping urban development – to create shared ownership of the vision he was pursuing.

Further reading: view the English translation of the Greater Lyon Tree Charter here.