Grab your tickets to London 2015 New Year’s Eve with Unicef

20 November 2015

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, talks about London’s New Year Eve celebrations, and why we’re partnering with children’s organisation Unicef this year.

Hi folks, it may only be October, but I want to talk to you about New Year’s Eve in London. Last year, I started ticketing the New Year’s Eve fireworks. I decided to do this as it was the best way to make sure it stays a safe and fun event for everyone. It also means that every single person with a ticket is guaranteed a good view.

Ticketing last year’s fireworks celebration was a huge success. There were significantly smaller crowds in central London on the night. In fact, numbers dropped from 500,000 in 2013 to below 350,000 a year later. This reduced the pressure on London’s transport system and emergency services. It also meant that everyone with a ticket had a much more enjoyable experience too.

If you want to come to this year’s fireworks event, set your watches ready for 12 noon, 2 October. That’s when we’ll be releasing the tickets.

This year’s celebration is going to be extra special. I’m thrilled we’re partnering with Unicef, the world’s leading children’s organisation. London New Year’s Eve with Unicef will bring you music, the countdown to midnight, a spectacular fireworks display and the chance to help keep children safe around the world. This landmark event will be fantastic fun as ever. It will be a night filled with cheer and humanity too.

During this season of goodwill and as people look ahead to a Happy New Year, Unicef hope to raise vital funds to help children caught in wars and disasters, like the one in Syria. So grab your ticket to London New Year’s Eve with Unicef and help make the world a better place in 2016.

Book your ticket

You can book up to four tickets from 12 noon, Friday 2 October at

Each ticket is £10. Every penny goes towards paying costs associated with the ticketing scheme. When booking your tickets, you can add an optional donation to Unicef UK to help keep children safe.

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