DD1128 White Hart Triangle Remediation Licence

Type of decision: 
Director's decision
Date signed: 
14 March 2014
Decision by: 
David Lunts, Executive Director Housing and Land and Interim CEO of OPDC

Executive summary

The purpose of this paper is to seek Director approval to the issue of a licence to Crossrail Limited to occupy plots 112b, plot D & plot F of White Hart Triangle, as hatched pink and bounded red on the attached plan, in order to undertake the remediation of asbestos contamination in advance of any formal disposal of these sites to Crossrail. This work will be undertaken or procured by Crossrail Limited with no cost liability to GLA Land and Property Limited (GLAP) as landowner, although the reasonable and appropriate remediation costs will be deducted at a later date from the sale price when the land is sold to TfL.

Part 1: Non-confidential facts and advice

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