MD1374 Carlsberg Tetley & Thames Wharf Review

Type of decision: 
Mayoral decision
Date signed: 
11 July 2014
Decision by: 
Boris Johnson MP (past staff), Mayor of London

Executive summary

GLA Land & Property (GLAP) owns a 1/3rd share in the Carlsberg Tetley site in the London Borough of Newham (5ha), with the other 2/3rd being owned by Quintain. GLAP also owns a 5ha area of land adjacent to the Carlsberg Tetley site, also known as Thames Wharf. The promotion of the Silvertown tunnel by Transport for London through the area is acting as a catalyst and will help define the future of the area. This therefore provides GLAP with a timely opportunity to carry out a detailed review of its current landholdings in the area.

This paper seeks funding for this review.

Part 1: Non-confidential facts and advice

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