MD1456 Lymington Fields – Whalebone Lane Highway Works

Type of decision: 
Mayoral decision
Date signed: 
11 March 2015
Decision by: 
Boris Johnson MP (past staff), Mayor of London

Executive summary

This Mayoral Decision is to approve additional capital expenditure in order to meet a GLA Land & Property (GLAP) contractual liability to contribute 50% of the total costs of completed highway works adjacent to the Lymington Fields site in London Borough Barking & Dagenham (LBBD).

MD1068 approved the disposal of land at Lymington Fields to Lovell Partnerships Limited on the basis of a minimum development of 362 homes, and MD1302 approved the disposal of the adjacent Eldonwall site for use as a school.

This decision is required in order to fund completed works to the highway adjacent to the site to enable the maximum number of homes and a new school to be delivered.

Part 1: Non-confidential facts and advice

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