John performing Verbatim Theatre at our Life Beyond Care event in October 2015

Peer Outreach Workers

The Peer Outreach Workers (POWs) are a group of young people from across the capital that helps influence the Mayor's policies.

Who are the POWs?

''Through the action of young Londoners comes real change''

The POWs are made up of 30 young Londoners aged 15-25yrs old from diverse backgrounds and life experiences. They are commissioned by the Mayor to engage, inspire and gather the opinions of other young people in the capital. Their work helps shape the policies, strategies and services.

The POWs were set up in 2006.

What do we do?

At any one time, the POWs can lead on up to 15 pan-London projects, which can include:

  • piloting new approaches
  • working with existing organisations to improve their engagement with young people
  • evaluating programmes or services.

The POWs emphasise to decision-makers the importance of involving children and young people in policies and strategies. The POWs motto: “We aspire to inspire”.


The team’s main emphasis is currently on improving educational achievements and opportunities, much of this work focuses on young people who are not in education, employment or training.

POWs projects aim to tackle various issues that young Londoners face:

  • Training and work experience
  • Health, mental health and well-being
  • Tackling youth crime
  • Challenging discrimination
  • Giving all young Londoners a voice

Get involved

Please get in touch to attend an event organised by Peer Outreach Workers and find out how you can get involved. You can do this by contacting Mark Mouna at [email protected]

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