Murad Qureshi



Murad Qureshi AM has been a member of the London Assembly since March 2020. Murad previously served on the Assembly from 2004 to 2016. As a Londonwide Assembly Member, Murad is a champion for the interest of Londoners right across the capital.

In between he was involved in communication, public affairs in delivering strategic campaigns in transport arena while still be involved in environmental affairs with community groups around Greater London.

Murad was a councillor in the City of Westminster from 1998 to 2006.

During his previous time on the Assembly, Murad was Chair of the London Assembly's Environment Committee and a Member of the Transport Committee. He was also a member of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority, which had the job of overseeing the London Fire Brigade, and Chair of the Mayor's London Waterways Commission.

Murad’s political interests include environmental issues, international development, sport, housing and regeneration.