Ray Lewis (past staff)

Senior Advisor, Mentoring

To provide advice to the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor, Education and Culture, on GLA support for the London voluntary sector’s mentoring activity for young people.


Ray Lewis has considerable experience working with young men, in particular as Director of EastSide Young Leaders Academy. A former prison Governor, Ray Lewis has a track record in supporting boys with potential who are nevertheless heading down the wrong path and helping turn their lives around.

Ray provided expert knowledge and assistance in relation to the Mayor’s Mentoring Programme. Specifically, he assisted by championing the scheme, raising awareness amongst key stakeholders and the community and helping to shape and design ongoing mentoring activity.

Ray was born in Guyana in 1963 and attended schools in Walthamstow. He began his career working as an administrative officer for the Civil Service before becoming a Clerk in Holy Orders for the Church Commissioners in 1990. During this time he gained a degree in Theology & Pastoral Studies from Middlesex University.

After working at HM Prison Woodhill, Milton Keynes, Ray became Executive Director of Eastside Young Leaders' Academy in 2002. Based in the London Borough of Newham, Eastside works with African Caribbean boys at risk of exclusion to fully develop their potential through a rigorous programme of supplemental academic provision, leadership skills, community service, mentoring and parental support.

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