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20 November 2015

First published: Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Last month Lisa Pook from City Hall’s Environment Team popped along to the Trust Thamesmead Capital Clean-up event on 4 September. There she talked to Alex and Shade…

Trust Thamesmead has held four clean-ups this summer. I arrived at noon at the Birchmere Community Hub on the east side of Birchmere Park. We all put on gloves and hi-viz jackets. We then each collected a litter picker, a hoop and a bin bag. And off we went! We were joined by McDonald’s staff from a local restaurant. The park outside the hub was pretty clean but as we walked around by the roads we found a lot more litter. After an hour or so, we’d filled five bin bags with rubbish. I asked Alex, from Trust Thamesmead and Shade, one of the McDonald’s volunteers, for their thoughts on the clean-up:

What are the benefits of Capital Clean-up events?

Alex, Trust Thamesmead

We received funding in 2014 and again this year. Since then I’ve noticed people’s behaviour change. I’ve seen people become more aware of their surroundings and a decrease in littering, although we still have a long way to go. In future, I’d like to see more recycling in the area. The more we work with communities, hopefully the more people will engage with and take pride in their local space.

How does Capital Clean-up help the local community?

Thamesmead is facing a huge period of regeneration over the next five, ten, 20 years and beyond. Being supported by Capital Clean-up events has given residents a chance to come together over a common cause and be engaged with other initiatives and schemes as part of our wider work. The community talks more – people come out to help us with the clean-ups and to meet their neighbours. People pass in the street and say ‘hello’ to each other. Projects like this help to make communities stronger.

Why did you decide to volunteer at this event?

Shade, McDonald’s, Thamesmead

I’ve worked in Thamesmead for nine years and wanted to give something back to the community. Thamesmead is my second home. I also wanted to pass the message across that we can have a neat and tidy environment in Thamesmead.

What have you been picking up today?After an hour, I have a bag full of bottles, crisp packets, plastics and cans. I think three hours will make a real difference here!

About Capital Clean-up

Capital Clean-up is the Mayor’s partnership campaign to help Londoners get together to spruce up their city and is supported by McDonald’s.

Apply for a grant or clean-up kit for 2016.

About Trust Thamesmead

You can read more about Trust Thamesmead on Project Dirt, their website orTwitter.

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