Cultural tourism vision for London

A new vision recognising the importance, value and growing potential of cultural tourism in London and to bring its culture and tourism worlds closer together to promote the best city in the world.

Cultural tourism

Four out of five travellers say 'culture' is their main reason for coming to London and this new report shows cultural tourists spend £7.3 billion a year, generating £3.2 billion for our economy and supporting 80,000 jobs in the capital.

London's top 20 attractions account for 90 per cent of visits by tourists, but the success of events and attractions like Secret Cinema, which draws almost 50 per cent of it audience from outside the capital, and the weekend crowds heading to places like Brick Lane and Borough Market, indicates that tourists also have an appetite for more local and niche activities that will provide more "authentic" cultural experiences.

Londoner's favourite hidden gems

Check out the top 20 favourite hidden gems across the capital from nearly 1,000 Londoners as well as some choice insider cultural tips from a few famous faces!

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