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Our 2020 Programme - Despite COVID-19, we’re now working with our advisory group and partners to repurpose our Africa in London core events programme.

We want to offer this year’s Africa in London listed events online and stay connected with our audiences. These will be virtual events by London-based producers with a focus on African culture.

Africa in London

Africa in London was launched in 2019 by the Mayor of London with the British Council. It aims to champion and showcase the brilliance and breadth of African creativity and culture here in London. It also provides opportunities for creatives and encourages venues and cultural bodies to increase their African programming.  

The initiative is supported by an Africa in London advisory group. It is made up of cultural and heritage organisations and independents including the Africa Centre, Black Cultural Archives and Royal African Society.  This replaces the annual Africa on the Square event which took place on Trafalgar Square.  

Africa In London has created a dedicated portal to:  

  • promote and highlight a season of events across London

  • partner with key events 

  • showcase funded grassroots cultural activity 

  • support a mentoring programme 

Aims and activities

Africa in London is underpinned by three core aims; 

  1. operate as a collective voice 

  1. open-up opportunities and resources, and share knowledge 

  1. support social integration 

These are reflected through the programme’s activity: 

  • forums and a community advisory group to influence programming by institutions and together advocate for diverse expressions of African culture 

  • grants and mentoring schemes to connect with and help develop African cultural production including grassroots initiatives. This will enhance London’s African creative offering and status  

  • events listings and media partnerships to showcase the funded programme to Londoners 

2019 Achievements

200 people attend the launch at City Hall May 2019 with a keynote from Alec Boateng/Twin B and Deputy Mayor, Debbie Weekes-Bernard 
Africa in London highlighted through 4 event partnerships: Open the Gate, Africa Writes, Africa Fashion Week, Africa Utopia 
28 applications submitted to Culture Seeds with an Africa focus – six awarded with £24K investment and two grantees discuss their journey as part of a ‘forum’ event 
36 applications to Mentoring Scheme - seven mentees paired with experts including V&A, British Museum, BOP Consulting 
60 events listings submitted as part of the season and profiled on portal, from large scale to local community gatherings 
Over 110,000 online unique page views of Africa in London portal and over 6,000 video views of Africa in London launch video 


Africa in London is supported by the Mayor of London and the British Council. The British Council is the UK's international organisation for cultural relations and education opportunities. This partnership is underpinned by a collective interest in forging connections between the creative youth of the UK and Africa, supporting new ideas and sharing skills and knowledge.

This programme has been shaped with the Africa in London Advisory Group – a collective of individuals and organisations who all play an important role in promoting African culture in London, the UK and beyond. 

Images used in the Africa in London creative. Credit: Alice Boagey, Ivan Gonzalez, Open the Gate 

Your views

We want to bring about a new era of African-focused cultural production in London. One that is collectively designed, and inclusive of all African nations.   

If you have a great idea for Africa in London, we’d love to hear from you. You can complete our 5-minute survey or email [email protected]

Your thoughts will help Africa in London develop. 

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