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And Still We Rise - Singing Workshop

12:00pm to 2:00pm

Singer and performing artist Melissa James is inviting women to join her for this singing workshop, which is part of the #LiveAgain project.

The workshop is part of Melissa’s event, ‘And Still We Rise’, which has been organised in collaboration with the Musicians' Union. It’s open to women of all descriptions and vocal abilities. If you are a woman who fears raising her voice, this is for you.

If you are a woman who loves using her voice, this is for you. If you have not sung since your childhood days, this workshop is for you. If you sing as a profession or you are a performer, this can be for you too. A chance for women to sing and rise together.

The #LiveAgain Project is spawned from a project called #SING4SANE – a charitable music and mental health initiative created by singer-songwriter Melissa James. Melissa invites anyone to join her “pop-up” choir and together they sing her song Live Again for better mental health awareness and to build positive human connections.

Workshop and Concert Attendees at the workshop also have the option of performing in and attending Melissa James’ concert later in the day, which will begin at 7.30 pm, Rich Mix, Bethnal Green.

Workshop attendees can purchase tickets for the concert at the discounted rate of £8.00 (down from £11.00 for non-participants), you can buy them on the Rich Mix website.

The singing workshop is open to women of all singing abilities, aged 16 and above.

Tickets cost £5.00.