Starcrawler 2018 - LA - SoundsLikeLondon
Starcrawler - L.A. Parry
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Starcrawler at The Garage

7:30pm to 10:30pm
The Garage, 20-22 Highbury Corner, Highbury East, London, N5 1RD, United Kingdom
Live music

The dynamic young L.A.-bred quartet has been wiping the jaded looks off audiences across their hometown since making their live debut back in 2016, dragging the unsuspecting into their universe with hooks that sink into the synapses and refuse to let go – and enough electricity to light up the entire Sunset Strip.

The jolts they deliver come from a number of directions, none more direct than singer Arrow de Wilde, whose penchant for intense, sometimes assaultive, physicality is matched by a full-throated hard rock wail that tightropes between glam-rock sensuality and full-metal-jacket menace.

"Blending the sludgy, doom-laden riffs of Black Sabbath with the urgent pop-punk of The Runaways, the young LA band Starcrawler are a group whose entire DNA seems linked to the 1970s."

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