Sisterhood Sundays
Sisterhood Sundays
This event has already taken place.

Summer Pearl at Sisterhood Sundays

7:00pm to 10:00pm
Free Event
Live music

Every Sunday come to Mama’s at The Railway Garden for a live, open jam session featuring music and performances from an inspiring collective of females who have things to say.

Join us with your words, stories and songs. This space encourages us to find our voices and share our sounds while supporting independent artists, platforming underground talent and showcasing original material.

Come as you are, bring what you got and let's make some music.

Summer Pearl, a 22 year old songstress based in South London, says of her love for music: "When I sing a song, I'm singing things that I could never actually say in a conversation. Singing, music, is like a release. Everything that I want to say is said through music, there's a song for every emotion."

Summer Pearl's 'Lead You On' is out now on Spotify, iTunes and Soundcloud.