DJ Ritu Sounds Like London
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A World in London

4:00pm to 5:00pm

A World In London is the UK’s definitive weekly, live, global music show, established for 12 years, and is presented by Sounds LIke London Ambassador, DJ Ritu

The show is recognised as an essential meeting point for Jazz, folk, and world music fans and a hub for the industry. It has an unrivalled reputation for showcasing the diverse musical tastes and talents of London.

A World in London hosts international like Tarkan, Angelique Kidjo, Bebel Gilberto, AR Rahman, and Esma Redzepova, but primarily champions eclectic and under-represented local bands/artists outside the mainstream. Dance music pioneer DJ Ritu created the show during her broadcasting years at the BBC, and now there are two live programmes every Wednesday.

On 23 May at Resonance FM Ritu talks to emerging artist Kal Lavelle about her music and her  upcoming album launch, which is part of Sounds Like London.