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About London Ambitions

London Ambitions: Shaping a successful careers offer for all young Londoners.

London Ambitions Careers Offer

London is a truly global city that opens up huge opportunities for young Londoners, but also big challenges. Young Londoners are competing for jobs and career openings not just with each other but with people across the UK and much of the rest of the world. To succeed in London and/or beyond, they need to be prepared – and they are entitled to that support.

Through the London Enterprise Panel and with London Councils, we have developed the London Ambitions Careers Offer Framework to help schools and colleges provide a high quality careers education programme for their students. The GLA is leading the development of three projects that will help schools work effectively with business

London Ambitions Portal

The London Ambitions Portal brings together the many careers education opportunities provided by the capital’s businesses. Teachers can search for activities that will give their students the best opportunities to raise their aspirations and gain direct experience of the world of work.

The Portal allows schools, colleges and businesses to connect with each other, making it easier to share information and develop approaches to careers education. 

Career Clusters

There are twelve Careers Clusters in London which have been funded by the European Social Fund for two years. They work with senior leadership teams in secondary schools and further education colleges to help design high quality careers guidance offers for pupils. They:

  • try out different employer-based activities for pupils
  • help teachers to understand London's job opportunities
  • support pupils into work placements and internships

Nine of the clusters have a purely geographic focus, working with schools and colleges in particular locations. The other three are also sector-based, focussing on these industry areas:

  • creative and digital
  • food and accommodation
  • IT

Find out more about the clusters

London Enterprise Adviser Network

The London Enterprise Adviser Network is a fully funded programme that helps to prepare young people for the world of work by connecting businesses to local schools. Enterprise Advisers, who are business volunteers working in senior roles, work with careers leads in schools to develop careers education and business engagement strategies. This ensures that young people are equipped with the skills they need and teachers receive support in connecting the school with local and national business. Nationally, 2000 schools and colleges and 2000 Enterprise Advisers are engaged in the Network with over 60% of EAs at CEO or Senior Manager level. In London we are working with over 120 schools and 200 Enterprise Advisers.

Join the network by emailing [email protected] or visiting our Enterprise Advisers page.


The world of work is constantly shifting. Careers that were available ten years ago no longer exist and new ones are changing all the time. We must engage with young people not just as they are about to leave full time education, but all the way through their time in education.

Martin Warner, Enterprise Adviser