Newport School 2019/20


Removing Barriers: Striving for Excellence

What problems were in your school and how did you identify them?

Attendance- persistent absence was well above national standards; pupil mobility was high and gender gaps existed in the core subjects.

What actions did you take?

  • Through careful analysis of data sets, key gaps and targets were identified. These were then addressed by:
  • Relaunch of attendance procedures and protocols. A working party was set up which was made up a variety of staff, classroom attendance displays were created, half-termly 'attendance zoning' letters were given out and close support from SLT and the Admissions Officer were given to vulnerable families. 
  • Professional development was linked to gender gaps within data. Sessions were focused on brain development and function and the implications of this to classroom practice.
  • Structured induction programme was implemented for new arrivals.
  • Action research projects conducted by all teaching and support staff to develop pedagogy on data gaps.

What were the outcomes?

  • Reduction of PA; 13.7%- 5.7%.
  • Reduction of gender gaps- 5%.
  • New arrival children make good progress (from starting points)

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