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Financing an Inclusive and Just Transition to a Net Zero Economy

1:00pm to 3:00pm
SOAS University of London, 10 Thornhaugh Street, London, WC1H 0XG,, United Kingdom
Green finance

The transition to a low-carbon and resilient society will deliver net benefits to economies and society. However, if its social aspects and equity impacts are not well managed, it risks stranding communities and leaving people behind. This could slow the rate of change and disrupt societies.

Public and private finance are required for the transition to a resilient net zero society and economy, and as part of this private firms will play a crucial role in delivering investment and infrastructure for a decarbonized world. However, the link between alignment of finance flows with the Paris Agreement and the real economy is not yet well explored. It must play an important role through engagement, capital allocation and policy support. Campaigns to divest from fossil companies are well established and yielding results but are not yet addressing the role of investors in the just transition processes that should follow divestments. Meanwhile, society is only beginning to appreciate the social and political impacts that could result from a shift of financial flows away from places exposed to physical climate risk.

The conversation about opportunities and challenges of investing in resilient net zero, including in socio-economically weak regions, needs to start now, to build trust and leverage investment opportunities.

At the occasion of the first London Climate Action Week, E3G, the SOAS Centre for Sustainable Finance and the LSE’s Grantham Research Institute would like to invite experts in business, finance, just transition, energy transition, resilience, organized labour and geopolitics to a workshop to lead off this conversation.

With this workshop we would like to support;

- Building a broad coalition around Just Transition and finance (business, finance, unions, civil society, government, academia) 
- Better understanding of the interlinkages between aligning finance flows and just transition processes (and linked opportunities) 
- Raising awareness for significance of finance and just transition for both local and international challenges of climate change 
- Building a narrative for the feasibility of ambitious Just Transition processes

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