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RawTag/ Fast Fashion

4:00pm to 5:00pm
Rich Mix, 35-47 BETHNAL GREEN ROAD, LONDON, E1 6LA, United Kingdom
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The concept of "fast fashion" refers to a phenomenon of mass production and mass consumption that increases at the same speed at which trends are undergoing change

In recent years, there have been an increased demand of fast fashion apparel, which has seen a rapidly grown due to mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends.

Purchase use and disposal are the phases through which a product passes through the hands of a consumer, who often ignores that the previous stages of the life cycle of a product have an environmental and social impact that is often greater than the use of it.

RawTag is an art and education project, aiming at exploring the narratives of production and consumption. Although we all love clothes, we need to re-think our fashion choices, and perhaps find original and innovative alternatives to fashion.

This event invites you to enquire about the stories weaved into a clothing garment: first, the wearer of the garment has memories and (Raw) emotions about that garment; and second, the garment itself can tell a story about its life cycle and supply chain: production, manufacture, transportation, consumption, disposal (Tag).

Carmen Lamberti
[email protected]


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