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Securing our Climate Future: Risk, Resilience and Diplomacy

6:15pm to 7:30pm
Chatham House, 10 St James's Square, London, SW1Y 4LE, United Kingdom
Registration (free)
Adaptation and resilience

Today, the disruptive potential of climate change is becoming increasingly evident. The just-in-time business model may have kept costs low, and companies lean and nimble, but they do not leave room for unforeseen shocks. The same applies to cities. Major urban hubs for production, trade and travel are often badly affected by international shocks irrespective of the source.

In the past, floods, droughts and food shortages had devastating but largely localized impacts. Today, these crises often affect more than one country or region. While the globalization of production chains has brought systemic gains for the world economy, it has also exacerbated the speed and scope of contagion in the event of shocks and disruptions.

Climate-related disruptions are also already testing the resilience of political institutions. Declining trust in government may lead to more reluctance on the part of politicians to take controversial steps needed to facilitate the low carbon, climate resilient transition.

All these developments are strong reminders that investing in preparedness and resilience pays. The United Nations points out that every dollar spent on disaster risk reduction saves $7 in emergency response. As it currently stands, however, every dollar spent on prevention and preparedness is outmatched by the $9 spent in responses.

In response to these challenges, this panel will explore how to build new coalitions to strengthen national and sub-national level preparedness, improve prospects for international co-operation and surface concrete recommendations for global climate resilience.


Nina Gillespie, Centre Coordinator - [email protected]


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