Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

In 2018, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, created a new taskforce to help increase infrastructure for electric vehicles (EVs) in London. The EV Taskforce, the first of its kind in the UK, will make it easier for Londoners to switch from diesel to electric vehicles. The result will be cleaner air for everyone. It will also help with the Mayor’s aims for London to become a zero carbon city with its entire transport system zero emission by 2050. 

Rapid charge points

Rapid charge points are essential to support Londoners and businesses to make the switch from diesel to electric. They allow high mileage users, such as taxi drivers, freight and fleet operators, to quickly charge their electric vehicle.

Unlike standard charge points that can take 7-8 hours for a full charge, rapid charge points can charge an electric vehicle in 20-30 minutes.

In under two years, TfL have installed over 180 rapid charge points, which has grown London's network from 24 to over 200 rapid charge points with support from some private sector partners.

However, most of these are on land or roads managed by Transport for London. To encourage businesses, taxi drivers and Londoners to switch to EVs we need a huge expansion in rapid chargers.

To make this happen, the Mayor believes we must work together with the boroughs and private sector. 

Charging points for residents

Alongside rapid charge points, the Mayor is working with London Councils to install slower standard charge points on residential streets, including retrofitting lamp columns. These will help Londoners who cannot charge an EV at their home.

25 boroughs expressed an interest in participating and have been allocated around £4.5m funding. Londoners wanting to switch to an EV should write to their local council to request a charge point near their home.

EV Infrastructure Taskforce

The Mayor’s EV Infrastructure Taskforce brings together representatives from business, energy, infrastructure, government and London boroughs. 

One year after its launch the Taskforce have published a Delivery Plan with recommendations around how, when and where to increase London's electric vehicle infrastructure up until 2025.

Further information on this area can be found on Transport for London’s Electric Vehicles and Charge Points pages.

EV Charge Points Maps

The London EV Charge Points Map is a simplified map of charge points across Greater London and up to the M25. The map shows:

  • Your nearest public and taxi-only charge points
  • Charging type
  • Which network the charge point is operated by
  • Operating hours

You can find a more comprehensive map of EV charge points across London and the rest of the UK at Zap-Map.

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