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The Homes for Londoners search tool allows Londoners on low to middle incomes search for Shared Ownership, London Living Rent and other forms of affordable home ownership. 

By pulling together properties from across the capital, the tool makes the process of finding an affordable home quicker, more accessible and much easier, for those who need it most.

Londoners will also be able to find new private sale properties available exclusively to London and UK based buyers, as well as Help to Buy properties.

Find an affordable home in London

To find out if you are eligible and/or see what properties are available, register with Homes for Londoners. After registering you can sign up to receive property alerts and book open days.

FAQs about the Homes for Londoners search tool

I would like to register for a Homes for Londoners account

You can register on the Homes for Londoners search tool via

I've forgotten my password

If you have an account and have forgotten your password you can reset it via  

I've registered my interest in a property, but I haven't received a response

You should follow up your application with the relevant housing association, agent or developer to find out further information. The contact details for the organisation can be found in the property listing. 

I submitted an eligibility check for a property and the result said I'm not eligible. Why is this?

The eligibility check questions are set by the relevant housing association, agent or developer. The GLA do not hold this data. If you are not eligible for a property but believe you should be, or would like further information, you should contact the relevant organisation. The contact details can be found in the property listing. 

I'm interested in London Living Rent properties, but I can't see any listed on the website

London Living Rent is the Mayor’s new product, which has only existed for a short time. Building homes usually takes at least 18 months, so when homes for rent do appear on the website they may initially be small in number. It could therefore take some time before you find something suitable on the website. Housing schemes advertised on the website are likely to be either recently completed or under construction and nearing completion.

Shared ownership properties are high value. How are they affordable?

Shared ownership is aimed at first time buyers on low to middle incomes, who cannot afford to buy a property on the open market.

A shared ownership home will have a full market value which applicants can buy a share of and pay a regulated rent on the remaining share. The minimum share is 25%, but this can vary across developments.

Shared ownership buyers are expected to have a 10% mortgage deposit of the share being purchased. As they are purchasing a share of a property, it makes the mortgage amount and repayments lower than buying on the open market. 

I'm currently privately renting. Can I find an affordable home to move into before my tenancy ends?

Most of the properties on the website will either be recently completed or under construction and nearing completion. If you have registered your interest in a property and are eligible, you should follow up with the housing association or agent about the build stage of the property to ascertain if you should extend your tenancy.

I can't find a property that I can afford and I'm in housing need. What should I do?

If you are in housing need you can find social housing by applying through your local authority, who will place you on a waiting list called the housing register. The council will determine your priority on this list using a range of criteria, which can vary from council to council.  

Where can I find a council house/social housing?

On the Homes for Londoners property portal you can find Shared Ownership and London Living Rent housing, alongside Help to Buy and First Dibs properties.

Your local council is responsible for allocating other types of affordable rented housing to people through a waiting list called the housing register. These properties are not listed on this Homes for Londoners property search tool.

I'm in social/council housing and I want to move, can you help?

Yes, the Mayor operates two mobility schemes to help tenants of London boroughs or housing associations to move homes.

Housing Moves helps tenants move to a home in another London borough. Nearly all councils and many housing associations in London contribute homes to the scheme throughout the year.  Properties are advertised on the Housing Moves website and applicants can ‘bid’ for those that they are interested in.

Seaside & Country Homes offers older tenants of London’s councils and housing associations the opportunity to move away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is open to households where at least one member is age 55 or above. The scheme helps around 150 households to move from London each year to bungalows or flats in desirable seaside and countryside locations. 

Local authority and housing association tenants wishing to move homes within their borough should contact their landlord.

Our partners

The Mayor of London launched the Homes for Londoners project to tackle London’s housing crisis. Through Homes for Londoners the Mayor is working with local councils, housing associations and developers to build the homes Londoners need. The Homes for Londoners board, chaired by the Mayor, oversees and guides all his work.

The Homes for Londoners tool was developed in a partnership between the GLA, Full Comms and Censeo Financial, with the property search powered by Property Booking.

Censeo Ltd specialise in advice on mortgages and related products for prospective and current clients of the UK’s leading housing associations and developers. 

Full Comms Ltd are a digital and creative agency with extensive experience of working with leading affordable housing providers and UK (residential and commercial) property developers. Full Comms are the team behind Property Booking, the UK’s first national online portal for Shared Ownership sales.

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