Investment Requests - February 2016

Reference code: 
DMPCD 2016 19
Date signed: 
01 March 2016
Authorisation name: 
Stephen Greenhalgh (past staff), Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime

Executive summary

This paper requests the approval of a number of investment decisions.


Met Integrated Policing Solution
1.    Outline Business Case;
2.    Request to initiate procurement activity for the provision of an integrated policing solution;
3.    Associated 10 year capital and revenue investment as detailed in part 2
NSPIS Custody Renewal
4.    Renewal of the NPIS Custody managed service with Capita for a maximum of 4 years with a value of £7.86m
Airwave Spectrum Increase
5.    Purchase of 60 frequencies at a cost of £1.7m from Airwave Solutions Ltd
MPS Electronic Security and Audio Visual Systems
6.    Request to initiate procurement activity using the MPS Electronic Security and Control Room Framework for the provision of Electronic Security and Audio Visual Systems and the associated investment of £8m over 4 years


Non-confidential facts and advice to the Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime (DMPC)

Introduction and background

1.    In support of the Police and Crime Plan commitment to reduce costs by 20% the DMPC considers all procurement activity which in accordance with the Scheme of Delegation requires his approval.

Issues for consideration

2.    The following items are to be considered for approval:

Met Integrated Policing Solution
The MPS current IT systems are standalone, old and fail to support operational requirements particularly around intelligence.  A new integrated end-to-end policing solution is critical to the success of the OMM Blueprint to deliver efficient and effective operational services with the MPS and to deliver significant savings.
The MiPS project aims to replace the outdated standalone core operational systems which support Investigations, Intelligence, Custody and Prosecutions.  

NSPIS Custody Renewal
NSPIS is the custody IT system for booking and handling the detention of prisoners, the current contract expires on 31 March 2016.  This MPS are seeking approval to award a 4 year (3+1) single tender contract to Capita for the managed service of the NSPIS system with a value of £7.86m

Airwave Spectrum Increase
As an interim solution pending rollout of the Emergency Services Network project this paper is seeking approval to retain 60 Frequencies in the Airwave Tetra mission critical radio network to maintain capacity for MPS voice communications during BAU, planned events and spontaneous events.

MPS Electronic Security and Audio Visual Systems
The MPS estate relies on a range of electronic security systems that require ongoing support and maintenance.  The current contract expires on 30 June 2016 and has no option to extend. The MPS are seeking approval to use the existing MPS Electronic Security and Control Room framework to conduct a mini competition under Lot 1 Building Technology Systems and Services.  The estimated value of the tender is £8m over 4 years.

Financial Comments

3.    The cost of the proposed contracts will be funded from within existing budgets. 

4.    Full details are contained in the attached reports.

Legal Comments

5.    The recommendation can be lawfully approved in accordance with MOPAC Contract Regulations and EU/UK Procurement law.

6.    In accordance with the MOPAC Scheme of Delegation and Consent (4.8), the DMPC must approve all requests to go out to tender for contracts that exceed £500,000.

7.    Full details are contained within the reports attached. 

Equality Comments

8.    Suppliers will be assessed prior to entering into agreements to ensure they comply with relevant legislation.  It will be the responsibility of user departments to ensure that the MPS Equality and Diversity policies are adhered to through the life of the contract.  

9.    Suppliers may be asked to sign up to the Diversity Works for London Programme which assesses suppliers against the Equality and Diversity framework.

Background/supporting papers

10.    Joint Investment Board Papers

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