Central Estates Programme – Newlands Park – Additional Investment

Reference code: 
PCD 554
Date signed: 
04 April 2019
Authorisation name: 
Sophie Linden, Deputy Mayor, Policing and Crime

Executive summary

Following approval of the Central Estate – Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime (CTOC) Hub in March 2018 further planning, design and survey works have been undertaken.  This paper requests the approval of additional expenditure of £8.1m to both increase the capacity of Newlands Park and so better support the decant from Empress State Building(ESB), and to bring forward the essential elements of investment in the mechanical and electrical infrastructure at the site. The additional cost will be met from within existing resources.


The Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime is recommended to:

  1. Approve the mechanical and electrical works at Newlands Park at a total cost of £3.3m (incl. OB) using funding transferred from the Forward Works budget in Financial year 2020/21 (part of the approved Capital budget).
  2. approve the Property Services Department (PSD) tender for the works through the existing compliant MPS Minor & Intermediate Building Works Framework (Contract No. SS316146) and Construction Professional Services Framework (Contract No. SS3161091).  
  3. approve the continuation of works on site to deliver the project, noting that the intention is to meet the increase in costs due to more accurate estimates (£3.3m incl. OB) through a realignment of budgets included in the CTOC Hub budget. The balance of increased costs (£1.5m incl. OB) will be met through Optimism Bias included in the CTOC Hub budget.
  4. approve the revised profile for the capital programme as set out in the Financial case.

Non-confidential facts and advice to the Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime (DMPC)

1. Introduction and background

1.1.    The Central Estate Programme is a project designed to rationalise and improve the “to be” retained estate mainly in relation to central functions, decision PCD 335 refers.

2. Issues for consideration

2.1.    Following further survey and design work on the Newlands Park site and the detailed work on decanting ESB additional investment at Newlands Park is sought to provide the flexible accommodation for both the originally anticipated number of decants from ESB as well as additional decants.  Additional works also include the potential to provide a canteen facility and to improve accessibility. 

2.2.    Planned investment in the mechanical and electrical services at Newlands Park was planned for 2020/21.  In order that the additional capacity being created at the site can be fully supported by the mechanical and electrical services these essential works are being brought forward. This has the additional advantage of de-risking future mechanical and electrical works at the site.

3. Financial Comments

3.1.    The original business case identified a sum of £2.6m for the anticipated works at Newlands Park.  The additional works identified above are estimated to cost an additional £8.1m.  These additional costs will be met from within existing resources. 

4. Legal Comments

4.1.    Section 6 of the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 (“the Act”) provides the MOPAC must secure the maintenance of the Metropolitan Police Service, and secure that the Metropolitan Police is efficient and effective.    

4.2.    In carrying out its functions, the MOPAC may, under paragraph 7, Schedule 3 of “the Act” “do anything which is calculated to facilitate, or is conducive or incidental to, the exercise of the functions of the Office”.  This includes, entering into contracts and other agreements, in addition to acquiring and disposing of property (including land). 

4.3.    Accordingly, contracts for works and services may be entered into. The MOPAC, as contracting authority, will however, need to observe the rules under the Public Contract Regulations 2015 when procuring and awarding contracts. 

4.4.    This report is submitted in line with paragraph 4.13 of MOPAC’s Scheme of Delegation and Consent which requires approval of the DMPC before going out to tender for above threshold contracts as set out in that paragraph.  

5. Commercial Issues

5.1.    The works will be carried out using the existing compliant MPS Minor and Intermediate Building Works Framework.

6. GDPR and Data Privacy

6.1.    There are no GDPR or data privacy issues. 

7. Equality Comments

7.1.    There are no equality and diversity implications arising from these proposals.

8. Background/supporting papers

8.1.    MPS report  

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