NPCC Additional Home Office Funding – Brexit Preparations 2019/20

Reference code: 
PCD 636
Date signed: 
20 September 2019
Authorisation name: 
Sophie Linden, Deputy Mayor, Policing and Crime

Executive summary

The Home Office has agreed to provide additional funding of up to £1.053 million to the National Police Chiefs Council for contingency planning and preparations for Brexit in 2019/20.   As MOPAC host the National Police Chiefs Council, this paper requests approval to accept this funding.  There is no financial exposure to MOPAC.


The Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime is recommended to agree that MOPAC receive, on behalf of the National Police Chiefs Council, the additional 2019/20 funding provided by the Home Office of £1.053m to enhance the International Crime Cooperation Centre capability by up to 12 Full Time Equivalent to support Back Record Conversion, Foreign National Offenders, and Communications and Training.

Non-confidential facts and advice to the Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime (DMPC)

1.    Introduction and background

1.1.    The MPS host the National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC), providing business support services, under a nationally agreed collaboration agreement. 

1.2.    The Home Office previously approved funding of up to £5.6m for 2019/20 for the operational continuity of the International Crime Cooperation Centre (ICCC). This is formed of a central coordination team based in London and a network of regional single points of contacts (SPOCs) who provide advice and help forces to use alternative mechanisms to provide policing with mitigations of the potential consequences of Brexit. 

1.3.    The Home Office has indicated that it is willing to provide additional funding for 2019/20 to enhance the ICCC capability by up to 12 FTEs to support Back Record Conversion (BRC), Foreign National Offenders (FNO) and Communications and Training. 

2.    Issues for consideration

2.1.    The NPCC has estimated the additional operating costs for 2019/20 are within the original Home Office grant approval of £5.6m (PCD529) and this additional funding of £1.053m.  The NPCC is seeking MOPAC approval to accept the HO grant funding.

3.    Financial Comments

3.1.    The NPCC have assured that the estimated costs will be fully funded from HO grant.  Any costs not met by the HO grant funding will be funded from the NPCC budget and reserves. There is no financial exposure for MOPAC

4.    Legal Comments

4.1.    Under the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 police and crime commissioners “must (a) secure the maintenance of the police force for that area, and (b) secure that the police force is efficient and effective”. Under paragraph 4.8 of the MOPAC Scheme of Consent and Delegation the DMPC must approve “Bids for grant funding made and all offers made of grant funding; and/or where appropriate a strategy for grant giving”.

5.    GDPR and Data Privacy 

5.1.    The proposal does not use personally identifiable data of members of the public therefore there are no GDPR issues to be considered

6.    Equality Comments

6.1.    There are no equality implications arising from acceptance of this grant funding.

7.    Background/supporting papers

7.1.    NPCC Report. 

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