The Violence Against Women and Girls Board

In 2015 the Violence Against Women and Girls governance structure underwent a re-fresh to reflect the changing nature of VAWG across the Capital. The London VAWG Panel became the London VAWG Board, and the VAWG Delivery and Commissioning Group was established to focus on operational delivery of the strategy.
The VAWG Board is the single point of partner ownership that provides strategic leadership for VAWG in London. The Board is responsible for overseeing delivery of the Pan London VAWG Strategy.

It seeks to ensure that services delivered to victims and survivors of VAWG are of the highest quality, are responsive to the changing landscape of VAWG and provide value for money via robust commissioning.
The VAWG Delivery and Commissioning Group ensures that the strategic priorities driven by the VAWG Board are delivered, while also ensuring effective and high quality delivery from partners and commissioned providers.  
MOPAC is committed to high levels of transparency, terms of reference and previous minutes and agendas for VAWG meetings are available on the The VAWG Board page.

Further details and papers from previous meetings are available below.


VAWG Board Meeting - Jun 2016 Agenda

Previous Mayoral Administration








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