English Key to Integration

Team London Small Grants

Funding Available £5,000 - £10,000
Application Deadline 20 August 2018
Contact email [email protected]
Application form Apply here
Guidance documents Find out more here

We are offering grants of £5,000 - £10,000 to community groups, small charities and voluntary sector organisations to run volunteering projects that bring Londoners together and lead to improvements in social integration. 

The projects can focus on any area of volunteering or social action but should help people from different groups of society (differentiated by communities, identities or interests) to have more opportunities to connect with each other positively and meaningfully. 

The Team London Small Grants will fund projects which: 

  • Help people to have more opportunities to connect with each other positively and meaningfully, through volunteering on community activities, taking part in social action, or both.
  • Create an environment where people find it easy and beneficial to meet others from different backgrounds, creating connections not divisions.

The small grants will provide a source of income for smaller organisations to meet local needs which may not meet the criteria for larger-scale funding.

Social integration is the extent to which people positively interact and connect with others who are different to themselves. It is determined by the level of equality between people, the nature of their relationships, and their degree of participation in the communities in which they live.

The Mayor’s vision for social integration in London is for:

  • improvements in relationships
  • participation
  • equality
  • evidence based interventions – so that we can measure, evaluate and share findings on the state of social integration

The three first elements shape the extent and quality of interactions and connections between Londoners from different backgrounds, reinforcing each other. They are therefore essential to social integration. 

We are looking for proposals which help people from different groups of society (differentiated by communities, identities or interests) to have more opportunities to connect with each other positively and meaningfully. This should happen through volunteering and lead to improvements in social integration for London communities. Projects could include group activities, taking part in social action, or both. 

Read more about our Team London Small Grants.

Application questions
  • Name of organisation
  • When was your organisation established?
  • Name of any other partner organisations in your project
  • Main contact name
  • Mobile number of main contact
  • Email address of main contact
  • Job title of main contact
  • Postal address
  • Registered charity number (if applicable)
  • VAT number (if applicable)
  • How many paid staff do you have in the organisation (full-time equivalent)?
  • How many volunteers has your organisation worked with in the past year?
  • How many volunteering hours (approximately) does this represent?
  • How many beneficiaries has your organisation supported in the past year?

Please consider the following statements and answer yes or no. (Projects must answer YES to all questions to be eligible):

  • The activity is confined to the Greater London area and predominantly targets volunteers who are London residents
  • My organisation has a turnover of less than £1,000,000 per annum.
  • This application is seeking grant funding of between £5,000 and £10,000 over a one year period.
  • The activity will be delivered between October 2018 and October 2019.
  • My organisation has a bank account, with two separate signatories, (registered in the name of the applicant organisation) into which the grant can be paid.
  • My project is focussed on projects that bring Londoners together, leading to improvements in social integration.
  • At least 25% of participants will be new to volunteering (not taken part in volunteering in the past 12 months).
  • My organisation is registered on the Team London website (this is so we can identify organisations who are already working with us – it is not a condition of applying).
  • My organisation is posting opportunities on the Team London website or will advertise opportunities on the Team London website on receipt of a grant.
  • Which of these areas will your project focus on?

Can you supply the following documentation upon request? (Newly-formed organisations should have a statement of the current turnover, profit and loss and cash flow position if they are unable to provide other documentation).  

  • The most recent audited accounts or a statement of turnover, profit & loss/income & expenditure and cash flow position for the most recent full year of operations where this information is not available in audited form.
  • Public liability and employer’s liability insurance policies.
  • Appropriate security clearance checks, or other clearance that may be required by the volunteer to successfully participate in the published opportunity.
  • Child and/or adult safeguarding measures that are relevant for your project and compliant with current legislation and statutory guidance.
  • Health and safety policy or equivalent.
  • Equality and diversity policy or equivalent.
  • Organisation’s governing document (i.e. Articles of Association or your constitution)

Your involvement with Team London / the GLA.

  • Are you already in receipt of funding from the GLA – either as the lead organisation, or as a partner in the delivery of a project or particular activity?
  • Are you related to, or have you had any contact relating to this application with any GLA staff member(s)? This does not stop you receiving a grant.

About your project 50%

  • Title of your project
  • A summary of your project.
  • How will your project bring Londoners together and lead to improvements in social integration? 15%
  • Which social integration categories does your project relate to?
    • Relationships and Equality
    • Relationships and Participation
    • Relationships and Community Engagement
  • How does your project relate to our categories of social integration? 10%
  • Why is this project needed? How will it address these needs? 10%
  • What is the location of your project? Will you use additional outreach sites such as community centres and libraries? 5%
  • How will you ensure that adult or child safeguarding is integral when implementing your project? How does this fit with your organisation’s adult or child safety protection policy and procedures? 5%
  • In what ways could you make your project  sustainable in the long term? 5%
  • Which borough(s) are you currently operating in? Will you deliver your project in other boroughs?

About your capacity 25%

  • What is the mission of your organisation? Who are your main beneficiaries? 5%
  • Please tell us about your team’s skills and experience relating to working with your chosen project target groups. Is the team made up of paid staff, volunteers or both? If you are an established organisation: What other projects has your organisation delivered successfully in the past? Please identify the outcomes that resulted from this work which are relevant to this application. If you are a new organisation: What other relevant projects has your team delivered successfully in the past? Please describe the outcomes and how these are relevant to this application. 10%
  • How will you recruit new volunteers to your project? How will you approach any potential challenges of volunteer recruitment and their continued participation in your project? 10%

Outputs and outcomes 20%

  • How many beneficiaries will you be supporting with this project? How many of them will be new to your organisation?
  • How many volunteers will you work with on this project? How many of them will be new to your organisation? How many will be new to volunteering?
  • How many of your additional beneficiaries and volunteers will you be aiming to keep involved with your organisation and how will you do this?
  • What other outputs will you measure in your project?
  • What other outputs (if applicable) will you measure in your project? How will you measure these?
  • How will your project impact on social integration? (Ref the Guidance notes, we are not expecting you to have specific social integration indicators yet for your project, but we do want you to describe how you expect your project activities to contribute to social integration in your community.)
  • What mechanisms will you use to track the progress of your project? How will you work with us to keep us updated of progress and/or challenges and ensure that we work in partnership to react to lessons learnt and reshape project delivery accordingly?

Project budget & risk assessment 5%

  • How much will your project cost?
  • How much are you requesting? (this must be between £5,000 and £10,000)
  • Please provide enough detail to show how you would spend the grant and to ensure that an assessor can see how the budget will be used.
    • Staff costs (i.e. salaries plus on costs, travel expenses to grant network meetings and/or events at City Hall)
    • Overheads (rent, utilities, marketing materials, venue & equipment hire)
    • Volunteer expenses (recruitment, training, travel expenses)
    • Equipment purchased
  • Value in kind support e.g. volunteer time, materials, rooms. Rooms given free of charge etc
  • Funding from other sources/funders
  • List any risks and any action you will take to address them. 5%

Equalities Profiling

  • Is your organisation BAME-led?
  • Is your organisation disabled-led?
  • Is your organisation lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender-led?
  • What percentage of your organisation’s senior staff/ board/ trustees are women?
  • What percentage of your organisation’s senior staff/ board/ trustees are men?